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What is the Average Salary of NBA Floor Sweepers?

Although it may not be as glamorous than playing on the court in NBA, being a floor sweeper is an honest job that pays honest wages. You can be right there, witness a lot of cool stuff that most people don’t see, and work in one the most enjoyable settings on Earth.

The most important aspect of any job is the salary. While floor sweepers are well-known to fans and players, their salaries are not. This article will provide information about how much they make and other details about their job.

A (Surprisingly high) salary

Although it isn’t as common as working in an office environment, a floor sweeper can be just as easy as any other job. You have to work your way up the ladder. Many people assume that all sweepers earn the same salary. However, this is far from true.

Floor cleaners make an average of $80,000. This is a huge salary, considering they don’t work long hours and are surrounded by such a vibrant environment. However, it’s certainly deserved, given all that they do to make the NBA tick.

Shifting Scales

There are several factors that influence how much a sweeper makes. This is why the average sweeper salary for sweepers is $80,000, rather than a fixed base. Although it would be easy to assume that they would all receive the same amount each season as before, most sweepers are paid according to their own experience.

An entry-level rookie sweeper will earn between $60,000 to $70,000, with 60 more likely. An experienced sweeper who has worked in the league for a long time can make as high as $100,000 to $90,000. Wages go up the more they work.

Each team also pays a different salary. Some teams pay their sweepers slightly more than the average while others pay less. While they are roughly the same, the starting pay is often higher for certain organizations.

Sweepers are generally more experienced than the average, which is why the average is at the higher end. It is rare that you will meet new people.

How do you become a sweeper?

Floor sweeping is not something that you can do by yourself. Although it doesn’t require a lot of skill, especially considering the pay, being a floor sweeper requires a bit of effort.

There are two options when applying to be a cleaner. You can first reach out to the resource manager of the team you are interested in working for. This may require some additional research on your part, but it is worth it. Simply search their names on LinkedIn, then Google their email addresses.

If all that seems too much, you might want to check out the NBA job page. There are always openings. This includes floor sweeper.

An enviable, but challenging position

You now know how to apply and the salary, but you might be curious about what a floor sweeper in the NBA does. It’s pretty self-explanatory, as you can see.

The sweeper takes out a broom with him and cleans the hardwood between halftime and timeouts. They also wipe the lane after free throws and accidental falls. They must go outside and dry the floor if it gets wet from sweat or water.

Although it isn’t the most glamorous job, it’s vital to prevent injuries and keep players safe.

They aren’t going to relax when the lights go out. Sweepers need to be available at all times. It is not easy to do quick cleaning. They may have to return to the court up 40 times per game. For extremely rough matches, it can go up to sixty.

Last words

An NBA sweeper job is highly desired, as you can see from the pay and work environment. This is a highly competitive job that many would love to hold, especially if it was with their favorite team. There are many slots available, but there is a limit to how many each organization can have.

Although the high salary might be surprising to some, floor cleaners are an important job. Basketball is a contact sport. People fall quite often during this game. There are also spills.

There would be more injuries without the sweepers at the sidelines, ready to go out and ensure everything is dry before, during and after a game. That is what nobody wants.


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