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Today’s Word Of The Day #342 Answer and Hint: Friday May 27th

It’s Friday, so thank the saints, the martyrs, and all the angels of heaven!

I am especially happy to be at the end of this week, because my daughter and me have been doing an OrangeTheory challenge for four days and I’m still feeling pretty stuffed. I’m done. There is nothing more. I have empty the proverbial “tank”. I’m spent.

Even if you feel exhausted from working out so hard to lose weight, the Daily Wordle can still be a fun distraction.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Wordle’s word of the Day #342.

Today’s Wordle #342 Hint & Solution

Warning! We’ve warned you!

Here’s a hint: Breaking Bad’skleptomaniac character took one of these to give away as a baby shower gift.

The answer is yes. . . .

The 2021 release date for ‘Demon Slayer Season 2’ is finally set

Netflix’s “Squid Game” Season 2 Is Not a Sure Thing, Says the Director

Despite fan outcry, “Genshin Impact” still refuses to increase anniversary rewards

This word is composed of all extremely common letters. It’s not unlike yesterday’s word, which was also made up of all very common letters. Another similarity? Both words contain double letters. Yesterday’s word contained two S’s, while today’s contains two A’s. Yesterday’s word consisted of these two S’s: an A, E, and a T. Today’s word has both A’s and an I.

Wordle Bot was happy to see me today again, stating that “slate” is one of its favourite opening words. Total remaining solutions were reduced by 71, but this time it was only 19.

Wordle Bot believes I should have chosen ‘prick’ but it admits that trainwas an interesting guess. After all, I had only one solution and I found it when I tried it with Tiara.

Because I am a winner, winner, win whatever it takes, I like to end my sentences with a “W”. Have a great weekend, Wordlers!


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