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Are you excited for the new Dyson Airwrap? You can also shop these 11 dupes

The Dyson Airwrap can be used if you don’t have access to a hairstylist. Multitasking hair tools were introduced in 2018. They allow you to get a salon-quality, long-lasting blowout at home. It has a variety of attachments that allow you to dry, straighten, curl, and volumize your hair. It does this all without heating up like a curling iron, blow dryer or straightener. Dyson engineers aren’t satisfied with this.

The company will relaunch the Airwrap this summer with new attachments and technology. This makes it easier to use and more suitable for different hair types. We’re seeing the original Airwrap on sale for as low as $400. This is a significant discount from the $600 retail price. Even if you don’t have the budget for hair extensions, that’s still quite expensive for a hair tool. There are many Dyson Airwrap alternatives that are much cheaper.

Perhaps you don’t have to spend a lot for all the Airwrap has to offer. You may have lost your blow dryer and need a curling iron. You might just be looking to straighten your hair without using curling tools. If this is the case, you don’t need to purchase the entire Airwrap kit. A single-tasker or three in one tool may be more suitable. These 11 Dyson Airwrap alternatives will give your hair the style and shine it deserves.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

TikTok users consider the Revlon blow dryer brush a great alternative to the Airwrap. It can dry and style at the same time, and produces the same volume and bounce. Its price is the main difference: The Revlon One-Step blow dry brush costs only $60 and can be purchased for as low as $35. The only downside is that it doesn’t have attachments which makes it less versatile than other options.

A Sleek Straightener-Curler Hybrid

The Dyson Airwrap blush dupe is just as beautiful as it is famous. The ergonomically-designed styler has curved edges, so it can be used for both straightening and curling. The tiny air vents on the side of the hairstylist help cool and seal in your style better than any hairspray. “I bought this product a while back and have never used any other hair spray since. One reviewer said that it’s great for curling, straightening, and waving.

A Smart Hair Dryer That Optimises Heat And Airflow

Although Shark is best known for its vacuums, the company’s first venture into hair care has been a great success. The HyperAir smart hair dryer adjusts its heat and airflow settings to suit your hairstyle. You can also use the two styling attachments included to achieve a shiny, smooth look. One reviewer said that she prefers the Dyson hairdryer to it. “Every time I see a mirror, I do a double-take because my hair looks different.”

Chi Spin N Curl

The Chi Spin N Curl is the best option if you are only interested in curling your hair. This unique device takes your hair and spins it in its chamber. The heat then heats it for between 15 to 19 seconds depending on the type of hair. It’s faster than a curling iron, and it leaves you with soft, bouncy curls, according to over 15,000 Amazon five-star reviews. It is not recommended for those with long hair as it can only hold so much.

T3 AireBrush Duo Dry Brush

You want something more luxurious than the Revlon One-Step. This T3 blow dryer comes with an interchangeable paddle brush and round head brush heads. It will give you greater control over styling. It can be used on all hair types, according to the brand.

Another Worthy Dyson Option

The Dyson Supersonic Dryer is a great option if you want to own one of Dyson’s most sought-after hair tools. You can use five attachments to control flyaways, distribute airflow, curl hair, create gentle air flow, and comb it through as it dries. It’s lightweight and quick drying time makes it ideal for thick or long hair. Pros love it for this reason. You can use the Airwrap with a simple round brush if you are skilled with it.

IG Inglam 4-In-1 Hair Dryer Brush Set

This styler and its attachments are the closest to Dyson Airwrap. Four attachments are included with the IG Inglam 4-in-1 blowout brush: a hair dryer and paddle brush, round brush, diffuser, and round brush. They all work well, especially considering that the tool is only $90. However, some buyers have complained that the heat settings can be too hot. To keep your hair healthy, use a heat protector and limit your heat use.

Conair Hot Air Multi-Styler InfinitiPro

This device can be used as both a curling iron or a blow dryer. Each attachment offers a different result so you can switch between straight, full curls and bouncy hair throughout the week. You’ll need to keep your blow dryer close at hand, as this tool is best for dry hair.

A Lightweight Yet Sturdy Crowd Pleaser

This Amika option is lightweight, strong, and oval-shaped. It’s a popular choice for all hair types. The Amika option is also loaded with pros for the low price, including a tourmaline-coated barrel and nylon-ball-tipped bristles. There are three heat settings. The maximum heat limit will not exceed 240 degrees F so it won’t cause any damage to your hair. It’s also compact enough to fit in your suitcase for vacation.

Drybar’s Sleek 3-in-1 Styler

Drybar is the secret to great blowouts. The Drybar tool is designed to deliver the same results as a visit but on days you aren’t able to make it. There are four settings and three power levels. It also has three attachments: a speedy dryer, a flat brush to smoothen and volume, and an oval brush that can be used for volume. You can also lock your style in place with the cool shot. The Drybar team made it simple to use. It is lightweight at less than one pound, so your arm will be happy. The power cord measures nine feet long and can be plugged into any outlet.

GHD Classic Wave Oval Curling Wand

GHD, a British brand, is well-known for its healthy-hair technology. None of its tools heat up enough to cause hair damage. This oval-barreled styling tool makes it so easy to create waves in your hair. Your strands won’t even feel the heat. This is the perfect lazy-girl solution. Let your hair dry and then wrap random strands around it. With little effort, you’ll achieve loose-textured, bouncy curls with the Airwrap. You won’t get burned fingers with the Dyson, which is a great tip.


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