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Kristin Wiig – Plastic Surgery

Rumours have circulated that Kristen is considering plastic surgery. Her nose job debate continues to this day among her many admirers. Kristen hasn’t yet spoken out about her nosejob, so there is still rumour mill.

Kristen Wiig History

In 1973, the comedian became famous in Canandaigua, New York. She is the daughter Jon J. Wiig (a Lake Marina manager) and Laurie Johnston (an artist). Her family lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, before moving to New York. She was nine years old when her parents divorced. She lived with her mother and older brother.

Kristen Wiig graduated from Brighton High School, Arizona. She then took art classes at University of Arizona. Kristen Wiig graduated from Brighton High School in Arizona and took her first acting class. Kristen’s natural talent was one reason her teachers encouraged Kristen to pursue acting. Kristen, after years of practice, moved to Los Angeles to join The Groundlings, an improv and sketch-comedy troupe member.

You may have not seen her back then, but she charmed the audience once again in 2011 when she played the role of a romantic comedy film called Bridal Showers. Her nose looked different from her first Saturday Night Live appearance.

Kristen Wiig Nose Job

Kristen Wiig’s nose surgery before and after photos

Some sources claim that she might have had a nose job or rhinoplasty. This was done to make her nose more feminine and graceful.

Rumours suggest she also took a break to recover from her nose surgery.

Her nose has been smaller ever since. The bridge is a cute slope with an even narrower tip. Her nose looks very much like Hollywood norms. Kristen Wiig’s photographs of nose plastic surgery are proof of this.

Dr. Salzhauer from Miami suggested that Wiig’s nose was not the result of cosmetic surgery. Michael Salzhauer said that Wiig’s nose wasn’t the result of cosmetic surgery. He felt confident that her nose had changed from her earlier appearance. He suggested Kristen Wiig might have had a rhinoplasty. He noted that Kristen Wiig has a shorter nose, a slightly sloping bridge and a clearly defined tip.

Before the rumoured enhancement, Wiig’s nose wasn’t as big. The transformation of Wiig’s nose is evident by the way her nose appears. Kristen made a statement in 2007 about plastic surgery. Kristen stated that she might need to have cosmetic surgery in order to support her show business. Is she really referring to it?

Kristen Wiig Face Lift

After the nose job she claimed to have had years ago, people are starting to question her facial features. She appears much younger than she did many years ago. These are all signs you should think about when considering cosmetic procedures.

  1. Eye bags can be treated with lower eyelid surgery. Kristen looked tired, with bags under her eyes. Kristen had her eyes re-set by having the bags removed.
  2. Liposuction. Kristen Wigg was overweight around her jawline, chin and stomach before Kristen. She had excess fat around her jawline and chin before Kristen.
  3. Botox. Kristen Wiig has had her forehead flat and wrinkle-free all of her life. She has had botox for years.

The big question has been answered

Did Kristen Wiig get a face lift?

You could also try derma roller, this can help improve your skin appearance!. Kristen, an older celebrity, has undergone a mini-facelift.

A picture is worth a thousand phrases. Kristen Wiig’s rumours about a plastic surgeon may make you unsure.

Kristen Wiig’s appearance may be different on different photos due to lighting, angles or age.

If there’s enough consistency, it can tell a compelling story.


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