HometechnologyImginn lets you instantly download Instagram Stories Highlights and Images, as well...

Imginn lets you instantly download Instagram Stories Highlights and Images, as well as Videos.

Instagram stories can be saved online free of charge with Imginn! This article will show how to quickly download Instagram stories, photos and videos.


Imginn allows you to quickly download Instagram Stories highlights, photos and videos.

You have many options to share your Instagram videos with friends or the entire world. Instagram might not offer all the tools that you need.

What’s Imginn?

You can upload your Instagram stories online for free with Imginn!

Imginn’s like feature lets you search your Instagram stories using multiple accounts. It doesn’t matter who downloaded them.

Imginn Account Creation: Just a Few Steps

Register An Account – The First Step

Register on imginn to get instant access to imagine.

Login to Your Account:

Login to your Imginn account by clicking Login. Login might fail your first time. To reset your browser cookies, you can log in from your mobile or tablet device. You can log in to our website from any device without needing to sign up.

3: Search for your Video

Imginn is our favourite tool to download your personal IG Stories to Instagram on iOS or Android.

4th Step – Download and Preview the Video

After writing your description, make sure it is proofread.

Fifth Step – Send Video Via Email

These steps will enable you to send videos via email. Click on the camera icon on the smartphone. Click the video. Choose the length. Select the share options in Facebook. Select the share options on Facebook.

What can you do to save your entire story with Img Inn?

It is difficult for many users to save all the stories of their favourite content creators Because they don’t have direct links to save entire stories. They are not able to receive any new content notifications and can’t follow them daily.

Even though we don’t have their photos, we will collect all of your Instagram timeline. We will help make sure every update is noticed.

Imagine doing what?

You can view stories from different social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

It doesn’t matter if someone is watching the video. You can save the video to Imginn so that you can access longer videos whenever you want. We recommend downloading the mobile app to ensure you don’t miss any stories.

What is the best way to save images from posts that don’t include hashtags

If you’re looking at multiple photos, tap on the Instagram photo that you want to save to your phone.

After all images have been saved, you can return to your feed by clicking Next/Previous in Stories. To edit an image, you have three choices: view it first, delete it later, or save it for future use.

Hashtag Customization

You can share your links with a custom hashtag using It is important to understand what happens if you change platforms.

Some platforms don’t allow users to transfer hashtags quickly from one platform to the next.

What can you do to save your profile picture

Building your brand through social media is crucial. Save your profile photo in two files. The original can be saved to your computer, or you can upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox.

A backup copy of your profile picture will be kept in case it gets lost or damaged. Viewing an individual’s Instagram Page page is different from viewing it within a single post.

Additional uses for Imginn

Imginn does more than simply allow you to download Instagram Stories highlights, photos and videos online. It also allows you to download content from other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Imagine can be used for many purposes. There are many other apps that do the same thing. You should not overwhelm them with too many details.

These are just a few of the many uses their app can be used. To see your Instagram profile photos, click the Download Instagram Stories highlight. You will also find other useful information.

Where can I get an IG video?

You can instantly scan your IG feed to download any content you desire. We store all of this content on our servers so that you have it at all times.

Our servers can store 40 petabytes. This is 40,000,000 gigabytes.

What is the best way to use Imginn with my iPhone?

Imginn’s interface is simple. Login to Imagine and browse any photo. Click Highlight to instantly download the entire album. No need to wait for Dropbox.

Search the video highlights page for more information. Next, choose whether to save the file in a zip or on your device.

What can I do to use it on my Android device?

Imagine can be used to download files from the cloud on any Android device. The Imginn app can access your Instagram photos.

Next, type the names of people from whom you wish to download photos into the search box at the top of the screen.


Imginn is an essential service for anyone who uses Instagram as a marketing tool. This will allow you to fuel your future growth.

Imagine allows you to easily download all of your customers’ stories from one location. Imagine allows you to concentrate on your business, not playing catch-up on social media.


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