HomebusinessImginn allows you to instantly download Instagram Stories Highlights, Images and Videos.

Imginn allows you to instantly download Instagram Stories Highlights, Images and Videos.

Imginn lets you save your Instagram stories online free of charge! This article will demonstrate how to download Instagram stories, photos, and videos quickly.


Imginn is a new service that allows you to download Instagram stories highlights and photos as well as videos. You can organise your files with the folder-based organisation system that you already have on your computer or phone. How to quickly download Instagram Stories highlights and photos, as well as videos.

There are many ways to share your Instagram videos and photos with friends, or the whole world. Instagram may not always offer all the tools you need to organise your videos and photos in the way you want.

What’s Imginn?

Imginn lets you upload your Instagram stories online for free! You can download videos and photos from Instagram with Imginn, unlike other tools. Imagine makes it easy to view stories whenever you want. You can view your stories on your phone or desktop, and save them for later. To get started, you can just type your username or hashtags into Imginn’s search bar.

Imginn’s “like” feature allows you to search all of your Instagram stories by connecting multiple accounts. You don’t need an account to download them. However, it doesn’t matter who downloads them. The unique feature allows anyone to use the service even if they don’t have a Twitter account.

Imginn Account Creation: Just a Few Steps

Register an Account – The First Step

Register on imginn for instant access to imagine so you can get started using it. Register quickly to instantly download highlights from Instagram Stories. You don’t need any technical knowledge to create an account. First, create an account. This does not necessarily need to be your company email address. You should create a minimum of 8 characters password to safeguard your identity. The password should be at least 8 characters long and include one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number 1 symbol. Once you are done with the verification, give a mobile number to anyone interested in downloading content from the site.

Second Step: Login into your Account:

Login to your Imginn Account by clicking Login. Login may fail on your first attempt. You can reset your browser cookies to try again. You can log in to our website from your tablet or mobile device. All subsequent logins will work seamlessly without you needing to sign up again. It’s even simpler to use our service.

Step 3: Search for Your Video

Imginn is our favourite tool for downloading your personal IG Stories on Instagram on iOS and Android. You can’t use it through web browsers yet, so ensure you have a copy. This is essential because Imginn will need to access your phone’s storage to download video files. If you want to view your story highlights on your laptop or desktop computer, you will need an app. These apps allow you to download videos.

Fourth Step – Preview and Download the Video

After writing your description, you should ensure that it is checked for errors. Don’t worry if you have spelling or grammar errors. You can make any changes after you have approved your post. Next, open Settings > Preview posts. Select Tags to apply these tags to all posts. After you’ve done this, click Save Changes. This setting allows for editing of your content before sharing with others.

Fifth Step – Send Video Via Email

These steps will allow you to send videos by email: Click the camera icon on your smartphone Click the video Choose the length of the video. Select share options on Facebook. Copy the link to your Facebook profile (without opening it) then send it! Send the video to email. Your video has been sent via email to Twitter Copy the link and paste it to your Twitter account. You can choose how long you want the video displayed. Twitter will group them together. Go to WhatsApp to add a WhatsApp URL. It will be saved! Send it to WhatsApp! These are some ways to send videos online, without downloading them.

How can you save a complete story with Imginn?

Many users struggle to save the full stories of their favourite content creators because they can’t save them all. Users find it difficult to keep track of their favourite accounts, as there aren’t any direct links to save whole stories. They don’t receive new content notifications and are not able to follow them daily.

Even if we don’t have them in our collection, we will gather all of your Instagram timeline. We will help you make sure that every update gets noticed.

What is Imginn doing?

This platform lets you view stories from various social media platforms, including Snapchat, Facebook and, of course, Instagram. Any image or video that you see on our website can be saved. It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo or video from an influencer that you follow, or friends who share their lives with others. All of it is available for your viewing pleasure. We offer high-quality, full-screen photos and short clips of video in excellent quality.

You don’t need to wait for someone to finish watching something. You can save it to Imagine, so you can always access the longer videos whenever you like. You don’t even need to download anything. Everything will be online. To ensure that you don’t miss any stories, we recommend downloading the mobile app.

How do you save images from posts without hashtags

Tap on an Instagram photo you like to save to your smartphone. To see more of your screen, swipe up from the bottom. This is much easier to do at the top than at the middle. When the photo begins to move, you can press down on it. The box in the lower left corner of your screen will display your image. You will see an icon next to each photo if you are looking at multiple photos.

Once all images are saved, you can go back to your feed by clicking Next/Previous under Stories. Next, click on each image to edit it. You have three options: view the original, delete it, or save it forever. Save Image before you do anything else.

Hashtag Customization

If you want to share your links using a custom hashtag, it is important to know what happens if you move platforms. While links can be added directly to your Twitter handle, hashtags are created and maintained by users. They don’t always form part of your online identity.

Some platforms don’t allow users to quickly transfer hashtags from one platform to another. Some users may start using existing hashtags but then go on to refer to other hashtags. This could lead to people not following the hashtag. A catchy title can be created to make a hashtag that is easily shared across different platforms. Unique branding can make sure it lasts, even when platforms change.

How can you save your profile photo

It is essential to build your brand via social media. Before you publish your profile photo, make sure it is secure! You can save your profile photo in two files: the original and the high-quality one. These files can be saved on your computer or uploaded to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox.

You will have a backup copy of your profile photo in case it is damaged or lost. You can view an individual’s Instagram page page by visiting their profile page. This is different than viewing it within a post.

Other uses for Imginn

Imginn is more than just a tool for downloading Instagram Stories highlights, photos, and videos online. Imginn is an app that lets you download content from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other websites, like YouTube. There are many uses of Imginn. Many apps do the same thing. It is important to not overload them with too many details.

These are just some of the many uses that their app can be used for. Click the Download Instagram Stories highlight button to see your Instagram profile photos. This will allow you to save all your media until it is changed again. Other useful information is also available.

How do I download an IG video?

Instantly scan your IG feed and download any content that you want. All of this content is instantly stored on our servers, so you can access it whenever you want.

Our servers can store 40 petabytes. That’s 40,000,000 gigabytes. All premium features are available for free. All features available through Imginn are free.

How can I use Imginn on my iPhone?

Imginn is easy to use. Log in to Imagine, browse any photo you wish (or search for a specific hashtag or username), and then click Highlight. You will receive a link so you can immediately download the entire album from Imginn. There is no need to wait for Dropbox or any other services.

You can search the video highlights page if you don’t find what you are looking for. Click on the item you are interested in and click Save. Next, select whether you want to save the file as a zip file or directly on your device.

How can I use it on an Android device?

Imginn is a cloud-based online download tool that can be used on any Android phone. To create an account, log in with your Google ID and Facebook ID. From there, the Imginn app will be able to access your Instagram photos.

Next, enter the names of the people you want to download photos from into the search bar at top of screen. These names will be displayed below the search bar.


Imginn is a crucial service for anyone using Instagram as a marketing tool. Each campaign can be personalised with real-time customer data and delivered content that your followers enjoy. High-quality videos will be available from millions of uploads each day. This will help you fuel your future growth.

Imagine makes it easy to download all your customers’ stories in one place. This allows you to focus on building your business and not on playing catch up on social media. Imginn’s reliability, speed and performance make it an excellent choice for your marketing campaign.


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