HometechnologyWhat does the Icon under Messages on Snapchat Mean?

What does the Icon under Messages on Snapchat Mean?

One of the most popular and influential social networks is Snapchat. Many UI options and other elements can make it hard to see what you are doing on a page.

For new users, it can be difficult to understand. It can be confusing for new users to understand.

What do Snapchat’s Different Colored boxes Signify?

Snapchat uses two main message symbols, boxes and arrows. This section will focus on the boxes.

  • You have never had sex with anyone else. The gray box symbol is used to indicate that there are still actions to be taken.
  • A full red box means that the Snap is not yet audio-enabled.

  • A full purple box means that your Snap has been viewed by the recipient and has been sent.

  • A full blue box means your Snap has been sent with no audio. An empty blue box means your chat has been viewed.

When you receive a message, the icon will fill with color. After you view it, the message will vanish.

What do Snapchat’s Different Colored Arrows Mean?

Snaps you’ve sent to Snapchat are represented by the Arrow icon. Let us take a closer look at the Arrow icons.

  • A red filled arrow indicates that you have sent a Snap without audio. The hollow red arrow has opened your Snap.

  • If the purple arrow appears hollow, it means that you have sent a Snap without audio.

  • Chat is initiated when the blue circle is filled. The hollow blue circle indicates that your chat has opened.
  • A gray-filled arrow means that the friend request was not accepted by the recipient.

The Arrow icon shows the Snaps and messages that you have sent to others. The color and fill will be affected by the type of message.

What about other symbols?

You can use other icons to signify different chat or Snap view statuses.

  • The red circle indicates that your audio-less Snap has been replayed.

  • A purple circle with an arrow signifies that your Snap with audio has been replayed.

  • A triple-lined double-red arrow indicates that someone has taken a photo of your audioless Snap.

  • Two purple arrows in the same design indicate that someone took a Snap with sound.

  • A double-blue arrow means that someone has taken screenshots of your chat.

There are many icons. Because the system is so simple, you don’t need to know them all. This will allow you to continue your learning.

Additional FAQs

More information about Snapchat can be found in the section below.

Why is my Snaps not being sent?

You may have snaps stuck in pending due to the recipient having removed your account or blocked you.

What’s Snapchat’s gold heart and code name?

A common question about Snapchat symbols is “The golden heart next to a friend’s Snapchat name” How does it mean? This is Snapchat’s Best Friends icon.

For best friends who have been together for at least two weeks, a red heart means you are best friends. This is the Snapchat BFF icon.

Wrapping up

Snapchat’s unique interface can be difficult to use. Do you have any questions? Comment below.


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