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The Different Features You Can See on Rodeo Software Demo vs BQE Core Demo 

Companies usually choose project management software based on user reviews but those are not very helpful when they are confused between two products. In such cases, they need to look at both products side-by-side and compare them with each other. This article looks at Rodeo software demo vs BQE Core demo to see how they perform in all areas. The contrast between both products is evident in their functionality and even though they are both great choices and it is important to make the right choice.

Rodeo Software

Rodeo software is an agile-based project management solution that has been designed to help small to midsize businesses with their project planning, administration, and daily operations. Managers can create new projects and divide them into multiple phases. They can monitor the work progress and track several KPIs at the same time. The platform gives managers the power to allocate budgets across different activities and consolidate all their data to a single platform.

Rodeo provides teams with the ability to generate quotes, approve budgets and share all documentation with the clients. They can also assign tasks to employees and make sure everyone has a manageable workload. The software uses timecards, creates invoices, and generates productivity reports from the same dashboard. Businesses can also integrate third-party applications into the system. Pricing is based on a monthly subscription and technical support is available through email, phone, and live chat.

Core Features

Budgeting and Scheduling

Rodeo makes it easier for project managers to create quick and accurate budgets through the simplified interface. They can build new projects and receive prompts to help them dedicate a portion of the budget to every stage of the project lifecycle. The platform also helps users to copy the framework for a previous project so they do not have to start from scratch. They can choose specific aspects such as budget, activities, tasks, and assignees too instead of copying the entire file.

Time Tracking

Rodeo software has user-friendly time cards that anyone in the team can use to log the time they spend on every task. They can make sure projects stay on schedule and use detailed data to improve the way projects work. There are options available to track project progress, timelines, and profitability without having to mentally remember everything.


One difference between Rodeo software demo vs BQE Core demo is that with Rodeo users can create estimates, send invoices, and bill clients directly through Rodeo. It facilitates the customization of all documents with the company logo and other details. There are various pre-built templates to which the team can upload their design. Rodeo allows the automation of invoices and can generate recurring bills without being reminded.

Analysis and Reporting

Rodeo gives project managers the opportunity to view product features and notice any issues before they arise. They can use the intuitive reporting module to create reports and deliver detailed insights for closed projects. Rodeo has risk management capabilities that help teams make sure they have contingency plans and that nothing falls through the cracks during planning.

Rodeo Pricing

Rodeo bills users a flat base fee and the total costs depend on the number of users. They have several pricing plans such as the basic, pro, and enterprise packages with each one more advanced than the last.

BQE Core 

Projects are the life and blood of any professional service firm which is why BQE Core has designed software that includes intuitive automation solutions. It gives users complete visibility and control of all projects, clients, financials, and staff utilization. The centralized system can streamline all tasks and allow teams to utilize the time tracking, expense monitoring, billing, and reporting services to successfully complete all projects.

BQE Core makes it easier to stay within the scope, budget, and plan of any initiative. It is a single platform through which teams can run all their daily operations. The managers can use the customizable views to gain visibility into all tasks and make sure each team member is carrying their weight.


Another difference between Rodeo software demo vs BQE Core demo is that BQE Core uses smart and customizable dashboards. It can provide teams with actionable insights and generate intelligence reports to help them bring the project on the right track. They can monitor all aspects of the project and maintain strict control over budgets.


BQE Core has automation features that cover the billing component as well. It can help improve cash flow for the company through its streamlined workflows. There are also time tracking features that allow users to track the work done every hour. They can calculate overhead costs, process time-off requests, and use built-in timers to generate data.


BQE Core can generate quick reports through the given modules which provides users with key insights into every aspect of the project. They can make sure the team is following the right track and addressing any risks existing in the project timeline. The users can also select the specific KPIs or OKRs they want to track with the feature.

Software Integration

BQE Core can easily integrate with third-party software for accounting, collaboration, or communication purposes. The vendor has an official partnership with popular platforms such ask QuickBooks, MYOB, and Stripe. It can even synchronize with Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other storage solutions so it is easy to import or export data.

BQE Core Pricing

Another difference between Rodeo software demo vs BQE Core demo is that BQE Core has a simpler and more flexible pricing structure. It is designed to fit the user’s needs and they only have to pay for the modules that they will be using. Businesses can make annual or multi-year commitments and also start a free trial to see if it would make a good fit.

Choosing between Rodeo Software Demo vs BQE Core Demo

The final decision depends on the specific requirements of the business and they should choose whichever software meets their needs after scheduling a demonstration or using the free trial.


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