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In Overwatch, what is the penalty for leaving the game early?

You might have been forced or tempted to quit a game that is in progress if you play Overwatch often. Even though your teammates may not be able to understand, sometimes the circumstances dictate. You can be penalised for leaving Overwatch games.

This article will explain what happens if you leave the game too early and what you can do to avoid being punished.

What happens when I leave?

You may be considered a leaver if you leave a game that is in progress. The number of games that you have left in the last 20 games determines the amount of the penalty.

You will also receive 75% less experience for playing matches.

If you are penalised for leaving multiple video games at once, the best thing to do is to avoid it whenever possible. Your leave statistics will improve over time and the penalty for leaving will be removed. The player card to the right will show you how many games are required to lift the penalty.

Note that competitive matches may have a higher leaver penalty, so it will take more games to lift the penalty.

You will be penalised for 10 minutes for leaving a match that is in progress. The penalty will be extended for any subsequent infractions.

You will be expelled from the ranked season if you continue to play in competitive matches.

Here’s a quick overview on how to get leaver status in any particular game.

Quick Play

There are no penalties for leaving a Quick Play match in the “Assemble Your Team” phase. Your account won’t record the game. If you wish, you can immediately queue up for another game without any delays.

The game will be recorded if you leave a match prior to the “Victory” or “Defeat” screens. If your team wins, you won’t be awarded any wins. You might also be considered a loser and could face a penalty.

If a player leaves during a match, the game will try to fill that spot with another player (or group) if more people have left. If their team loses, the filled players will not be credited with a loss and will receive a small bonus at match’s end. They’ll also be considered leavers if they leave the match.

There are no penalties for leaving a match once a winner has been announced. The game is also recorded and you will receive a win if your side wins the match.


You will be penalised if you leave a match in progress.

To avoid a penalty for leaving, you can choose to rejoin the match within the next minute. Any other player who leaves the match during this time will be considered a leaver. If you haven’t returned to the match within that time, your teammates will be offered the chance to leave the match without any penalties.

The game will be deemed a win or loss. Your teammates will not be granted a pass if you leave. They must win or lose without your help. The game will be forfeited if all the players leave. Their skill rating will also decrease.

Your score will be reset if you leave the match but come back later.

One man down

You can leave a match if you feel it is too stressful for your team. They will have to face an enemy team with a number disadvantage. This makes the game less fun. It is a good idea to finish every match that you begin. This is especially important for competitive matches where players take the game much more seriously.

You should not play matches if you are experiencing connection issues. Otherwise, you could lose your rating and be forced to quit multiple games. It’s okay to have an emergency. Real life is more important than video games, regardless of how committed a player may be.

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Overwatch is an excellent game. It would be a shame if one player left their team. While this can lead to penalties, the team is not better off.

Did you ever quit a game or Overwatch? Which reason did you leave Overwatch? Please let us know by commenting below.

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