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Importance Of Book Covers – Why Is Book Cover Design Important?

A book’s cover is the first thing you see when you walk into a shop and look down the aisle of books. The first thing that attracts you is the cover of a book. The more attractive the cover is, the more likely it is that you will be interested to see what the book is about.

The importance of visuals

Visuals grab attention much faster than words do. This is why roadside signs have images or symbols made on them, such as a phone with a cross on it, instead of the words ‘do not use your phone while driving. A picture speaks a thousand words.

A book cover will help the reader decide whether purchasing and reading that particular book is even worth their time. Thus, it is paramount that the book cover accurately represents what the book is all about.

For example, a book that is all about the history of the Maasai tribe in Africa should not have a cover with an image of a screwdriver, giving off the idea that the book might be about handy work or DIY projects one can do around the house.

Grabbing the audience’s attention

In the context of book covers, a well-designed book cover is likely to catch the attention of anyone who views it. A book cover that is bland or not visually aesthetic will not attract many people to pick up the book. It is a simple sales technique.

If more people are attracted to the cover of the book, it is more likely that they will pick it up and read it. Of course, an attractive book cover does not automatically translate to increased sales, but it is a factor.

Someone who picks up the book might or might not end up liking the story of the book or whatever it is about. But at least they picked it up and took the chance to see what it is about; that is taking the first step. You can not force someone to buy your book, but you can encourage them and entice them to pick it up and read the blurb.

Faster transmission of information

A book cover is also a mode of transmission of information. For example, if all book covers were supposed to be plain white, it would take an individual looking for a cookbook an unreasonably long time to find one.

They would have to go through many books in a store to find one that is specifically good for what they have in mind. On the contrary, since book covers exist, one would simply go into a bookstore and pick up a book that looks like it matches their taste palate the most.

So, if I was finding a book that could teach me how to cook Italian, I wouldn’t pick up a book that has a picture of a burger on it. Rather, I would reach out for the book with a pizza or pasta made on it, saving me a lot of time. Thus, book covers are a good way to identify what the book is all about.

Giving the readers a hint

Book covers should represent what the book is about. This is important because a lot of the time, people do not want to start reading the book without first making sure it is something they may be interested in.

However, how can you convince someone this book is for them if they won’t read it without first being convinced they will enjoy the book? Through the book cover! There are many book cover designers in the UK that one can go to.

Many people choose this option over-designing the cover themselves, as not everyone has the right sense of aesthetics and knows what it takes to entice a reader into picking up the book.

A teaser

A book cover is also very important as it acts as a teaser for the book. The cover gives a little information about what the book is about, which is important as a reader who picks up the book should also gain some information about it without having to read it. It is unreasonable to think that someone will pick up a book they know nothing about and read it from start to finish.

It is also possible to add a few words or a phrase that can help describe the book or at least add in a little suspense that makes the reader want to purchase the book and read it. There is a synopsis given at the back of the book, which is a basic summary of the plot of the book.

However, to read that as well, a reader would initially have to have some interest in the book. They would have to be interested enough to pick it up and read the back. A way to create this initial interest in the reader, the book cover must attract the reader enough for them to pick the book up and read it.


It is important to keep the aesthetic of a book cover. The more aesthetically pleasing it is, the better. More people will be attracted to a pretty-looking book cover, in contrast to one that is plain or does not come off as looking nice or even interesting.

For example, a book cover with a picture of a man on a boat will attract fewer people than a book with a few characters and images like a lightning bolt and a sword.

Use colors

Use colors to your benefit. The colors you use on your book cover should help reflect the type of book that it is. For example, if the book is about travel, an upbeat vibe is most suitable.

Perhaps use bright colors that will attract people, such as neon green and bright pink. Making a contrast in terms of colors can also be used to your advantage. Keeping a white background can do you wonders if you know the correct colors to use on top.

You can also keep a black background and have a few colors on top. Both black and white backgrounds really make colors on top pop off, which is exactly what you are looking for in terms of attracting people to pick up your book.

A good book cover successfully catches the eye of the audience without them even knowing what the book is about. First impressions matter a lot – and the cover is how you meet the book for the first time.


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