HometechnologyTracking a cell phone's location without knowing its owner

Tracking a cell phone’s location without knowing its owner

It doesn’t take much to learn how to locate a phone’s location. Employers also have the option to track employees’ phones.

Tracking a mobile phone’s exact location is no longer a convenience. This information can be used to protect your family and ensure security against all dangers.

You can track your partner’s location using their mobile phone.

However, partners can also track you. Fraudsters and enemies often track to get data and materials for blackmail. Most hacker attacks occur in the business sector. VPNs offer the best protection. VeePN VPN features enable you to protect your data from outsiders. This is the best method of prevention.

There are many methods to track your phone. Without their knowledge, you may not be able give an exact location.

Today I’ll be describing many of these techniques. What are you about to learn?

  • Track a person’s location on their cell phone
  • Track someone, even strangers, using only their cell phone number
  • Track your phone’s location absolutely free

Tracking a Cell Phone Location Without Knowing It

It’s not as hard as you think. Here’s a cool way for you to find your phone.

1.1 minspy – The Ninja Way to Track a Cellphone

Minspy is the best way to track a phone’s location .

Minspy’s popularity is such that many people use the program to check if their children or partners are safe at work and school. My friend never had to worry about his child being late to school.

These are just some of the reasons Minspy is so great.

Minspy’s Location Tracker Benefits

Web App

Minspy lets you track anyone’s location without needing to install any apps. Minspy can be used with any web browser.

Secret Phone Tracking

Minspy’s phone tracker won’t let your target know that you’re monitoring their location.

No root or jailbreak

Many phone tracking apps that track mobile phone locations ask for root access jailbreak the target device. Minspy can locate any phone’s location secretly without rooting or jailbreaking it.

No technical knowledge

Minspy does not require any technical skills. You just need to know how to use a browser for the internet.

Minspy’s GPS Tracker

These features can be used to track someone’s location on their mobile phone using Minspy.


Geofencing – This is the next big thing in location tracking. Geofencing will notify you immediately if someone crosses the boundaries.

How Minspy’s Hidden Location Tracking Works

Minspy doesn’t find out where someone’s phone is located. Here’s how Minspy operates.

Minspy won’t ask you to touch an iPhone to track its location. iPhones with iCloud installed can upload their location to the iCloud servers.

Minspy uses this data to locate important information about the target device, such as their location. This allows you to track their location remotely without them knowing.

Tracking the location of Android devices is a little different. Install the phone tracking app on your Android device.

You might wonder how the phone tracking app is hidden on the target device if it has been installed. Minspy is known for its unique Android design.

Minspy’s Android app is just 2MB in size, and instals quickly. You can only bring it back by using a secret code.

1.2 Secretly Tracking the Location of a Cell Phone without Knowing

Let me tell you how to track an Android phone’s position. The next section is for iPhones. I want it to be easy.

These steps can help you track your Android phone.

Step 1_ Open a Minspy account for an Android subscription plan. To save money and avoid renewals, I recommend that you opt for the long-term.

Step 2 – Install Minspy on the target device. They won’t find it.

Step 3 – Click on “Start”, to begin monitoring the target device.

You will be taken to your dashboard by clicking “Start”. To access the location tracker, click on the Geofence or Locations tabs

Part 2 – How to track the location of a cell phone without downloading software

In the previous section, we learned how to track someone secretly with an Android phone. Then you can follow the steps listed here without worrying.

These steps will allow you to secretly track your iPhone

Apple devices are less configurable than Android. You might be surprised to learn that some Android devices have smart-locks that are specific to where they are.

It is not surprising that this is possible with no software.

Step 1 – Register with Minspy for an iOS subscription plan. This works with all iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, and all versions).

Step 2 – Check your Minspy ID credentials for the target device. These credentials are completely secure and not stored on Minspy servers.

Step 3 – Click on “Start” and your device will start being monitored

Once you click the “Start”, you will be taken to your dashboard. This page allows you to access all Minspy features.

Part 3 – Track someone using a cell phone number, without them knowing

These methods only work if you can track the person you are looking for.

It is possible to receive missed calls from someone you don’t know. This number could be your friend.

This is the method I’ll be recommending for you in such situations:

3.1. EyeZy – Watch out for your loved ones.

EyeZy, a powerful app, allows you to track the location of your phone. EyeZy does more than show the device’s location on a map.

Magic Alerts are a new feature of the monitoring app. Once you have installed eyeZ on your phone, you will be able to access your Control Panel and set up locations for YeeZy monitoring. This will let you know if someone you monitor leaves or enters those locations.

EyeZy can do more than track your location. You also have the ability to see their activity on their phones so you can get a complete picture.

YeeZys Social Spotlight feature is the best. It allows you to see what your friends are talking about on Facebook Messenger Messenger Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger Messenger, Line, Skype, and Instagram. It will show you exactly what your friends are saying, and even who it is.

EyeZy lets you see what they’re saying in regular text messages. You can see what they’re saying in regular text messages, so you don’t have to worry about where they are talking.

Are you impressed?

The bottom line: EyeZy has a lot to offer. EyeZy can locate you and give you more options than you thought possible.

3.2 Research – Track Anyone Just by the Number

Research acts like a directory that lists all online people. Research can be used to find out more about anyone, no matter how much they know.

The best thing about Research is its ability to give you information about people you don’t know. This includes their address, background and office address.

Zosearch’s second best feature is its ease-of-use.

3.3 Tracking a cell phone number

Step 1 – Visit the Zoo Search website. Click on the option Phone search. Search by name, address, or email.

Step 2 – Enter your telephone number to reach the person who you are calling.

Step 3 – Click on “Start search” to get Search to start its magic for you completely free.

Search results will display people who match your search. View the owner’s name and other details.

Part 4 – How to track your smartphone without knowing

These methods will work in every situation where you may need to use a location tracking application. But, I will tell you about another way to locate someone’s iPhone using the built-in feature.

It is important to remember that Minspy doesn’t offer all the extra features. Minspy can be used to stealthily track cell phones of people you don’t know.

4.1 Locate my iPhone – Get a free location tracker for your iPhone

These steps will enable you to find your iPhone’s exact location for absolutely free:

First, enable “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone. Next go to the iCloud option.

Next, enter the Apple ID to track the iPhone you wish to track.

Step 3. Here you will see a list of all devices that are connected to your Apple ID. Select the device to open the map.

The method is completely free. However, you might have noticed that it does not include any stealth or additional features.

Part 5 – Tracking an Android Phone

Android phones can track the iPhone’s location using the Find My iPhone app. Google also has an app that tracks any Android phone.

This is similar to Find My iPhone (even their name), and you can use it to find someone.

5.1 Locate My Device- Remote Android Tracker

Android offers remote tracking of your phone’s location using Find My Device.

To locate an Android phone’s exact location using the Find My Device feature, you will need to know their Google ID username and password. The only thing you need is your Google ID password.

These steps will help you track your Android device

These steps will assist you in finding your Android phone with Find My Device.

Step 2 – Open the app and log in with Google to track the phone that you are interested in. Select the device to be tracked.

It might be obvious that you don’t have any additional data or options about your other phone.

Part 6 – What method of location tracking should I use?

Now you know how to locate a mobile phone. You now need to choose which method you use to track a mobile phone’s location.

  • Minspy has a variety of extra features that allow you to track your phone and keep your relationship safe.
  • Zoo Search, the best cell phone number tracker tool, will allow you to find the identity and location of missed calls .
  • To locate your iPhone or Android, you can use Find My iPhone (for iOS), or Find My Device for Android.


Now you know how to find a cell phone. All you need to do is use the methods described above depending on your needs.


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