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Miah Pandinha Games About the channel

This article describes a YouTube channel started by a young man that posts game reviews and other content in Portuguese. Read about Miah Pandinha Games.

Are you interested in a YouTube channel run by an individual who frequently posts clips on their channel? If yes, then you must have heard of this YouTube channel where many videos are posted to increase the number of followers.

Most subscribers come from Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries, as the channel’s main language is Portuguese. Most videos are taken with a smartphone camera. In addition, the videos feature the voice of Minha Pandinha. My pandinha. Learn more about Miah Pandinha’s Pandinha Games

about the channel

Currently, the YouTube channel has 170 views, and the channel was created on September 9th, 2019. The first video of this channel was uploaded on October 23, 2019, with 47 views. In the clip, she explains how her grandmother’s story came to be.

The second video on the channel is called “my Minecraft routine”, it explains how to play a Minecraft game and the nuances. The video lasts approximately seven minutes. And watched by 38 viewers. The video is only getting one or two likes.

Miah Pandinha Games

Most of the video content on this YouTube channel consists of reviews of mobile phone games that are mostly played by children.

The length of video clips varies from a few seconds to about 15 minutes, depending on the content and content.

The language of the videos is Portuguese.

Most of the video content is based on children’s games. Certain videos feature reviews of dolls and toys that Miah Pandinha owns.

There are 51 videos uploaded on this YouTube channel till today.

more about the channel

This Miah Pandinha Games channel mainly focuses on children looking for game reviews and instructions in Portuguese.

The goal of whoever created the channel is to get 1000 subscribers.

“Reacting Translation Music’s Gacha life” is the channel’s most watched video with the most views at 57. The video is nine minutes long.

The longest video in the channel’s catalog includes “Jogando Entre Nos”, which lasts over 15 minutes. The video has 23 viewers, two of whom liked the video and one disapproved of it. September 30, 2020 will be the upload date for this clip. Learn more details about Miah Pandinha Games.

The most recent video was uploaded on December 10, 2020. The title of the video is “Giving ratings for games kkkkk” The video has been viewed by 21 viewers and is 6 minutes and 6 seconds long. Of the 21 viewers who watched, three were satisfied with the video, while two did not like it.


Following this pandemic outbreak, youtube vlogging and game review videos became more popular than ever. More kids are using YouTube to create original and captivating videos. For more information on this subject, please visit. .

Have you ever subscribed to a channel developed and maintained by children like Miah Pandinha Games? If yes, please give your opinion in the comments below.


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