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5 Easy Steps To Make A YouTube Outro

YouTube is a great way to share your work with everyone in the world. This has worked wonders for many people, from aspiring filmmakers to amateur artists, who have found that YouTube is a platform where their art can reach millions of users. However, with all this easy access comes the risk of losing control over your content and having no say in how it’s viewed by others. One way to overcome this potential issue is to make an outro for your videos!

What is an outro?

A YouTube Outro is essentially a credits sequence that goes over the conclusion of a video. It can be used to summarise the theme of the video, thank viewers for watching, provide links to other videos, or promote one’s self as an artist. These sequences are usually brief (typically less than 15 seconds), which creates a small window of opportunity to make a lasting impression on users!

Outros are especially important on YouTube because they allow you to gain more control over how your content is viewed. For example, if your video is interesting but ends abruptly, an Outro YouTube can be used to summarise the ending (for instance, a punchline) in case viewers missed it the first time around.

Moreover, outros are an excellent way to promote yourself as an artist and create a brand identity. By creating a consistent outro for every video you upload, you allow yourself to become known as a trustworthy source for quality content. Viewers will also remember your username when searching for similar content!

Making a YouTube Outro is not difficult at all; it’s just as simple as following these easy five steps.

  1. Prepare Your Outro Script

To begin, you first need a script for your outro. This is an easy process that can be accomplished in mere minutes. Simply type up a sentence or two (15 words should suffice) that summarises the contents of your video. It’s also a good idea to use your outro to ask viewers to check out your other videos, so be sure that you don’t forget that! You can use a simple pen and paper (and even a message board post works) to get you started.

  1. Create a Storyboard

After you have the script, it’s time to create your storyboard! To do this, you must first decide on a background and theme for your outro. This should be an image that can suit all of the text in your script. The last thing you want is for parts of the text to not fit into your outro because of a missing element!

If you’re not very artistically inclined, don’t worry! As long as it’s relevant to the theme of your video and conveys the same emotion that you intend it to, then most backgrounds will do just fine.

  1. Recording your Outro

Now that you have the background and text ready, it is time to record it! It’s important to plan out a good recording space where you can be comfortable while speaking the text. If you’re using a webcam, make sure there’s no glare or reflection on it, or else it could interfere with your recording.

You will most likely have to do multiple takes with different expressions to get the perfect one; however, this shouldn’t be a problem if you have written down your lines beforehand! This is also a good way for you to practice reciting your script before recording the final product!

  1. Edit your Video and Add Music!

Now that you have everything recorded, it’s time to edit it! This step can be done using a video editor (such as iMovie or windows movie maker) or a basic video recorder (like Camtasia studio). The choice is up to you; however, it’s recommended that you use a professional editing program to ensure quality.

After you edit it, be sure to add music to your outro. This gives your video an extra bit of flair and extends the viewing experience of your viewers! You can find tons of free music on the internet, or you can also find royalty-free music that is completely free to use.

  1. Write Outro Titles, then Add Links

After you have recorded and edited your outro, it’s time to create the titles for each section! This is a great way to showcase your work and gives viewers a better visual experience. Just be sure that the titles are not too long or that they are confused because of the many different things they are trying to take in at once.

After you’ve created your titles, you can start writing uplinks. These are important to convey a sense of order and keep viewers interested; however, make sure not to include any web addresses or credit cards in your content!

A simple link like “Check out my other videos” can go a long way in establishing trust with your viewers. They will know that you have more content that they can watch later.

Congratulations, You’ve Finished Your Outro!

You now have your very own outro for your YouTube videos! You now have your very own outro for your YouTube videos! Now upload it and see how much your viewers enjoy it! If you follow these easy steps, you will be able to create an outro that is perfect for your channel. This will help to enhance the viewing experience of your audience, It’s important to create an outro for your YouTube video because it will give you (the creator) further control over how your work is viewed by others.

Not only can you use it to catch viewers up to speed on the ending of a video, but you can also promote yourself as an artist and brand yourself as a trustworthy source of quality content. The 5 easy steps shown above should get you well on your way to making one for yourself.


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