HometechnologyThe 5 Best Charging Stations of 2022 for Any Phone

The 5 Best Charging Stations of 2022 for Any Phone

A charging station allows you to charge all your devices at once in one place.

The SIIG 90W smart charging station is the best choice for most people. This is why you should get it. It can charge up to 10 devices at once, which is enough for most families and individuals.

There are a few things you should look out for in a charging station, including the number and types of charging ports as well as the number of slots that can hold your devices. A built-in storage space for cables is a must-have to avoid getting sloppy. Pay attention to the available finishes so that the charging station matches your decor. Check out these top picks.

Best Overall: SIIG Smart 10-Port Universal Charging Station

This is because people have more than one device these days. If you have three or more devices, you will know how many need to be charged at once. There are eight slots for smartphones and tablets, as well as a non-slip tray that can be used to charge smartwatches or phones.

There is no wireless charger included in this case, which is disappointing. The slots are also a little narrow so it’s possible your phone won’t fit if you have a thick case around your phone. However, the slots did a great job holding small laptops, tablets 

The SIIG Smart Charging Station, a powerful device, is my favorite. Because of the many ports and organizations, this is my favorite choice. It will help reduce the mess of cords. Although the charger’s body is light and fragile, the blue LED light around the non-slip deck makes it easy to attach to a bedside table. There is no internal cable management system. This is the only problem. This is a common problem with charging stations, but this one feels so big and hollow that it makes it seem 

IntelliARMOR PowerHub Wireless Charging Station is the best for versatility

The intelliARMOR PowerHub wireless charging station can charge everything. This is the ideal solution when you get home from work and need to charge everything.

The Qi wireless charger is included, as well as two USB-A ports (the rectangular type), one USB-C Port (the oval type that can be plugged in either way), two AC outlets and two USB-C ports. The Qi pad is at 65 degrees. According to our reviewer the rest of the features feel added on, making it appear bulky and angular. The wireless charging cradle works well and is easy to use.

Although it’s not the most beautiful product, the intelliARMOR PowerHub wireless charging station is very useful and will be a great addition to your home. It is advertised as a universal charging station, and it does that well. You can charge your device at a variety of speeds. The hub was strong enough to charge my Pixel 3 in just three hours. The performance was far superior to other wireless chargers that only offer a third of the power, so I was very happy with it. The cradle keeps your phone at an optimal angle, providing a satisfying buzz, tone and animation to indicate that it is charging. Although the intelliARMOR PowerHub can be a bit pricey, it offers a great mix of features. 

Satechi Dock5 Multi Device Charging Station is the best for mobile devices

We love the Satechi Dock5 Charging Station. Although there aren’t many ports, the port connections are very powerful. The Qi pad at the front will provide 10W wireless charging. Each USB-A port can deliver 12W power, while the USB-C ports can deliver 20W power. This is a lot of juice to go to such a small station. The station is also small in size so it takes up very little space. We are disappointed 

Anker 3-in-1 powerWave 10 Stand is the best wireless charger

Anker is a long-standing leader in wireless charging technology, including wireless charging. The PowerWave10 charging stand can charge up to three devices at once. Wireless charging is possible with the PowerWave 10 charging stand. It can charge your phone in either horizontal or vertical orientations. However, some reviewers found that charging can be a bit difficult with thick cases.

You will find two USB-A ports on the back that can be used to charge up to two additional devices. The smart chip protects against charging overcharging or current overloads. This charging capability allows for a very small footprint, so it takes up little space. In 2021, we would like to see a USB C port. The power brick is slightly larger than what we are used to. We like that this small device allows you to use your phone while charging.

Apple MagSafe Charger is the best secure charger

  • Secure connection
  • Any wireless accessory can charge Qi
  • Support for 15W Fast Charging

What we don’t like

  • It does not include a charging brick
  • Magsafe may be affected by certain cases
  • It’s expensive for what it is

Apple MagSafe Charger Review

MagSafe was a new charging system that debuted with the iPhone 12 in Fall 2020. It can be attached to the back of your iPhone to charge it. It is small and portable.

The MagSafe can be used by simply plugging your device into the charger and attaching it to the pad. The MagSafe can be used to make phone calls even though it is attached. This is something that you cannot do with other non-magnetic wireless chargers. Although MagSafe charges faster than other Qi chargers it is slower than using a Lightning cable or USB-C. An iPhone 12 was able to charge up to 54 percent in just one hour. However, it took more than two hours for the full charge. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger battery and can charge fully in three hours. Although it is fast and efficient, it is also more expensive than other chargers with more features. —Andrew


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