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Sethrus reviews Sethrus.com

Are you a geek or a gamer? Do you want your home as smart as theirs? Sethrus is for you.

Sethrus, an United States online multiproduct store, sells a range of technological products such as smart home appliances and gaming resources like iMacs, gaming consoles and in-game items. It appeals to many people who are seeking adventure and healthy products, especially for camping. There are many options available for every type and size of head. Sethrus reviews should be read before you make any purchase on the website.


Sethrus, an online shop for products, is located in the United States. It has a large selection of products for everyday use and technology. These are the products you will find:

  • Gaming controllers
  • Desktops for iMac
  • 3D printers
  • Gaming titles
  • Software
  • Everyday appliances, such as USB ports and chargers, are crucial for our daily life.
  • Smart home appliances, such as air filters and smart speakers, are intelligent.
  • Smartwatches
  • Adventure products: tents, boats and balls; skateboards and skateboards.

Many websites now engage in frauds, such as credit card scams. This article will help you understand Are Sethrus Legit.

Features for Sethrus

These features were spotted while browsing the site.

  • Smart home appliances can be purchased at (https://www.sethrus.com/), including smart speakers, refrigerators, air filters, and fridges.
  • Purchase outing products such as beach balls, inflatable boats and tents.
  • You have three options for payment: PayPal, debit or credit card.
  • Contact information: Email: contact@sethrus.com. Phone: +86 135516924444.
  • Privacy policy
  • These data include device ID, I.P Address and Location.
  • Websites of third parties may share data.
  • You can erase data.
  • If you find the privacy policy unacceptable, it is best to discontinue using the site
  • No reviews or social media accounts were found when searching for reviews.
  • There are no addresses.
  • Shipping and Return Policy
  • Cancellation of an order is possible prior to shipment.
  • Shipping can take up to 2 business days.
  • For undamaged items, the policy allows for a 14-day refund.
  • PayPal refunds in 5-7 business days
  • Shipping charges are not charged to customers if the product is damaged.

Positive Highlights

  • There are many products that can be found in each category.
  • Available in brand-named variants
  • Proper headings make searching for products easy.
  • It is important to have well-written privacy policies and return policies.

Answer the question: Are Sethrus Legit?”

  • Website registration date was 27-06-21. This date is extremely recent and raises questions regarding website legitimacy.
  • It appears that the website cannot sell certain products like iMacs.
  • This website’s trust score is 1%, which is not very high.
  • Fake social media handles may be available.
  • It is not permissible for buyers to review products.
  • There is no office address.


Sethrus was originally registered on 27/06/2021. This registration is new and cannot be trusted. These are more details about Sethrus’ legitimacy.

  • Site functions Numerous links on this website may be fake, such social media handles.
  • Trust rating: This website has a trust score of 1%. This is highly suspicious.
  • Online Reviews – There were no Sethrus online reviews found through searching.
  • Security, Privacy & Security: Privacy can be compromised by the large volume of data that is shared between websites
  • Social network Social media handles can be fake
  • Design This website homepage is poorly designed.

Customer reviews

Sethrus, a new website, sells many products. It has virtually zero user traffic. We have not been able to collect product reviews or opinions from the official website. It is impossible for Sethrus to provide customer reviews. This website has no social media links, so it is not very popular.

Final Summary

Sethrus.com isn’t a great place to buy anything. It doesn’t have any social media accounts or addresses. No reviews have been posted about the products. Sethrus has not yet reviewed them. You might be dealing with unauthorized products. Site traffic is low and trust scores are only 1%. This is why this site should be avoided.


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