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Best Home Remedies to Treat Sore Throat

Everyone wants to spend quality time with their friends during the daytime and wants to sleep at night. But sore throat cannot fulfill the dream as it causes discomfort, irritation, and itchiness. A top ENT specialist in Lahore shares that throat pain is the first symptom of a sore throat. When you have a sore throat, it will be difficult to swallow as it causes more pain.

Throat pain isn’t a reason to visit a doctor until it causes serious symptoms or makes it worse to swallow food or even water. But still, you can try some effective home remedies to treat the sore throat.

These ways can help to soothe the throat.

Tips for Throat Pain

Learning about the natural ingredients can help to soothe your throat at home.

Use Honey

One of the best natural ingredients includes honey which contains many beneficial properties. There are many studies that support its positive effects on soothing the throat. Nighttime coughs can affect your sleep quality and keep you awake. But all you need is that honey is here to tame your coughs. Yes, you can use other cough suppressants as well but the most beneficial natural one is honey that you should add to your daily routine.

Chamomile tea

Have you ever tried chamomile tea? Well, it is good for soothing your throat. It contains many medicinal properties that can help to swallow or drink anything by reducing the itching and irritation in the throat.

Additionally, it contains many other properties like anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antioxidant. If you do not want to drink chamomile tea, then you can take some steam to relieve the symptoms of a cold.

Sore throat is one of the primary symptoms of the cold which can be treated with its steam.

Gargle with baking soda solution

You must hear about the saltwater gargle but do you know about baking soda gargles? Yes, it is also an effective solution to calm the irritation in your throat. You need to mix the baking soda with the salt and add in water. When you gargle with this type of solution, it will help to kill the bacteria, and also protect against the fungi and yeast.

Try Marshmallow roots

To soothe the sore throat, you can try marshmallow roots that contain a substance like mucus. When you add the dried root into the coiling cup of water to make tea, it will help to relieve throat pain.

But some chronic conditions can interfere with its effects. This is the reason if you are suffering from any chronic condition like diabetes, you should discuss it with the doctor before using its roots.

Slippery elm

As we have discussed, marshmallows root a related mucus substance, and slippery elm also contains the same coating. You can mix it with the water, it will form like a gel and help to soothe the throat. You can add boiling water to the bark powder or drink it.

Apple cider vinegar

From your outer to inner organs, you need apple cider vinegar at some point in your lifetime. It contains antibacterial properties that help in fighting off many potential infections. There is mucus that builds up in your throat that can cause irritation. But you cannot use it in concentrated form.

The dilute form is more effective. All you need is to add the apple cider vinegar into the water and gargle with the solution. Its acidic nature can help to fight infections. Antimicrobial effects can also help to reduce the risk of infections. Gargling with this solution can break down the mucus in the throat and also inhibit the bacteria spread.

You can use apple cider vinegar in many forms as it all depends on the sensitivity of your throat and the condition.

Try Garlic

Garlic is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the kitchen. It contains many beneficial properties like allicin which is an organosulfur compound that fights off infections.

People who do not like its fragrance or want to eat, then you can take its supplements. Its intake is also beneficial to prevent the cold virus. Make sure that you consume it in any way as it contains antimicrobial properties that can help your body in many ways.


Gargle with salt water is one of the old remedies that has been used to treat sore throat. Its intake helps to break down the secretions and kill the bacteria. You can make a saltwater solution at home by adding a half-teaspoon of salt to the warm water and gargling with this solution.

You can gargle multiple times a day to get better results of throat pain.

If you have been experiencing a sore throat for more than 5 days and no home remedy is effective enough, you should visit the doctor for the prescribed medicine.


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