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Todaystopfans Byspotify.com How to Access Spotify’s Today’s Top Fans feature

Spotify is back with stats! Spotify has launched the Today’s Top Fans feature, which tells you who is your most-played artist and what song is your most listened to too.

This new feature is an updated version of 2020’s Top 1% Of Fans. It gives users greater insight into their listening habits and the top artists they listen to.

According to the site, this is a method that “provides a definitive method to show you listen to these artists more often than other fans.” It doesn’t indicate how much time you have spent listening to an artist. This shows how many times a song has been streamed via Spotify.

The Today’s Top Fans feature on Spotify

To find the Top Fans feature, you’ll need to go to today shopfans.spotify.com. You can access the feature on your desktop or mobile device. To access the feature, you will need to log into your account.

Logging in will allow you to swipe across to see the stats for your most-watched artists.

You’ll then find:

  • The first time you started to listen to your favourite artist.
  • Your top three favourite songs by your top artists
  • Which song is the most popular by your favourite artist? How many times have you played it?
  • How many hours did you spend listening to your favourite artists?
  • The final Top Fan percentage.

You can also listen to the music of other artists and still get the same stats. However, if your listening stats for an artist are high enough, you may not get the ultimate super fan percentage.


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