HometechnologyIs the Apple Watch water-resistant?

Is the Apple Watch water-resistant?

Apple Watches are water-resistant, but not waterproof. They can be worn while you exercise, wash your hands, or when it rains. Your Apple Watch should not be worn while you’re in the bath or swimming. This article will explain everything you need about your Apple Watch’s water resistance and what to do if it gets wet.

What’s the difference between Waterproof & Water-Resistant?

Water-resistant devices are safe even if they are dropped or submerged in water for a short time. However, waterproof devices are impermeable, and cannot be damaged no matter how long they remain submerged.

It is easy to believe the watch’s water resistance rating means the watch can be worn at any depth. This is false. It is false.

Does my Apple Watch have to be worn in the pool?

The Apple Watch Series 1 can withstand water up to 30 meters. The Apple Watch Series 1 is not water resistant to light drops. The Apple Watch Series 1 is suitable for exercising, washing your hands, and when it rains. It cannot be used to swim, or exposed to soapy water or cleaning fluids like shampoos or perfumes. These liquids could cause water damage to watch’s water seals which can reduce the watch’s resistance to water.

Apple Watch Series 2-5 have a 50m water resistant. Any Apple Watch can be used in a swimming pool or bath, but it is not recommended that they waterski or dive. After swimming, rinse your Apple Watch with warm water and dry it completely.

How to Water Lock Apple Watch

When you start a swimming workout, the Workout app will automatically turn on the Water Lock feature and lock your screen. Open the Workout app and scroll down to Pool Swim or Open Water Swim. Next, activate the swimming workout. Next, tap Start. Wait for the three-second countdown to complete.

Water Lock is a device that drains water from the speaker holes on the side of your watch. This prevents water damage in the long-term.

When you open the Workout App, your Apple Watch automatically turns Water Lock on. WatchOS 5.0, which is included in the Apple Watch Series 4, allows you to turn Water Lock on manually at any time you like using Control Center. Swipe up on the watch face to open Control Center. To lock your Apple Watch, tap Water Lock (the button that looks almost like water drops).

How to get water from Apple Watch

Unlock your Apple Watch screen after you’ve finished swimming to drain the water. Turn the Digital Crown so that it says “unlocked”. This will drain any water from the speaker holes.

If you want to be more careful and make sure all water is drained, you can manually repeat the process. Swipe up from the watch face to activate Control Center. Next, tap Water Lock. Next, drain the water out of your speaker.

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