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How to use Alexa’s Drop in Feature

You now have multiple Amazon Echo devices. They are already used to control your smart home devices and play music through the multi-room sound feature. Did you know you could also use them to intercom two-way? This feature can be enjoyed if you know how to use Alexa Drop In.

What is Alexa drop in?

Drop In allows you to have a two-way conversation with Alexa contacts or Echo devices. It’s like calling a friend. It’s not. Dropping in does not give your recipient the option to reject your call. Instead, you are connected to the device automatically and can then start speaking with the recipient Echo.

Dropping in to Alexa is an alternative to screaming at everyone to get to school or to arrive at the dinner table on time. Let’s save our voices and get Alexa ready for Drop In.

First, sign up for Alexa Calling or Messaging to enable Drop In. Here’s how:

How to sign up for Alexa Calling or Messaging

  1. Start the Alexa app from your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Communicate icon. Tap on the Communicate icon.
  3. Enter your number, and other information.
  4. Enter your verification code to gain access.


Drop In is enabled by default when you sign up to Alexa Calling or Messaging. You will still need to enable Drop In for certain speakers or contacts. These are the steps to follow:


Alexa Drop-in setup and use

  1. Start the Alexa app from your mobile device.
  2. Click on Devices. The icon in the bottom right corner is shaped like a home.
  3. Choose a device from this list.
  4. Tap Communications in General
  5. Choose the Drop In feature that you wish to use. You have the option to tap on, My Household, and off.
    • You can drop by the Amazon devices connected to your Amazon account if you select On. You can also share the feature with friends and contacts who you allow to drop by.
    • You can choose My Household to limit the drop-in feature within your Amazon Echo devices.
    • You can choose Off so that no one can come in on you.

      You will need to allow Alexa contacts to drop by on you next if you select On from the Drop In switch. Here’s how:

  6. Go to Communicate. This icon is located at the bottom of your screen.
  7. Tap the Contacts icon. This icon is located in the upper right and is shaped like the silhouette of a person.
  8. Select Profile and Settings. This will appear at the top of your contact list with your name.
  9. Turn the “Allow Drop In” toggle on.
  10. You can repeat the process for any other contacts on your list you wish to allow Drop In access.


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