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Foods that Prevent UTIs

Your diet has a main influence on your health. It can either make your health or bring it down. Inflammations and infections are prevented well with some dietary adaptation. Therefore, consuming foods with antioxidant properties has been reported to improve urinary health and prevent urinary tract infections. Foods like cranberries, yogurt, oranges, blueberries, dark chocolate, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes all are high in antioxidants and help to prevent UTIs. Likewise, beverages including cranberry juice, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, decaf tea and coffee and, of course, plenty of water also aid in preventing urinary tract infections.

Preventing UTIs

Urinary tract infections are easy to manage and control with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Experts recommend that you first look at your diet and lifestyle when treating a UTI. Solid food or liquids both have a direct influence on your urinary health. To consult with best urologist through Marham.

The following foods can help prevent UTIs:

1- Water

Drinking plenty of water can help prevent the onset of any UTI-related symptoms. Water can flush out any toxic material from your digestive system, which can prevent infections in the urinary tract. Drinking water has many advantages for your health, and keeping infections away is one of them. Drinking 8 to 12 glasses daily will regulate your body functions and flush out any toxins.

2- Cranberry

Cranberries can promote urinary health by fighting off infection and creating a protective layer that would not let any bacteria stick to your urinary tract. The best way to incorporate cranberries into your routine is through diet. You should drink smoothies or juices. You can also eat it directly or use its supplements. Natural ways are always best to treat infections as they do not have any side effects.

3- Blueberry

Like cranberries, blueberries are also an effective food that can help prevent the onset of urinary tract infections. It has a compound that does not allow microorganisms to settle in your urinary tract, preventing any sort of infections. You can consume these berries directly or in the form of juice, smoothies, and fruit bowls. It is always best to switch your diet to keep it interesting for you. Most people go back to their previous dietary habits because of the monotonous routine. Therefore, it is crucial to remix your diet every now and then to keep it interesting for yourself.

4- Yogurt

Eating fermented dairy products regularly like yogurt may help prevent the risk of urinary tract infections by up to 80%. Always choose the yogurt that has a label of live and active cultures. Yogurt has probiotics which are good bacteria and help to regulate the health of your gurt and urinary tract. It also helps to improve your immune system, increasing your body’s mechanism to fight off bacteria.

People often prefer frozen yogurt treats to fulfil their daily yogurt intake. It is said that frozen yogurt has more chances of killing bacteria and providing a better immune response than normal temperature yogurt. It can make the active culture side dominant and give your body a boost when the frozen yogurt comes to normal temperature within your body.

5- Fiber

Fiber is crucial to regulate normal bowel movements in your body. Lack of bowel movement can put pressure on your urinary tract and block urine flow. It can result in bacterial growth that can further increase the risks of urinary tract infections. You need to consume a diet with high fiber and consume plenty of water to regulate your gut and bowel movement. Note that fiber does not work alone. It has to have water to regulate your digestive system. Beans, lentils, apples, and whole-grain bread are rich in fiber.

6- Vitamin C

Vitamin C enriched foods can make your urine more acidic in nature. It can kill any bacteria that may form in your urinary tract. Oranges, lemon, leafy vegetables, and strawberries all are packed with vitamin C and prevent urinary tract infections. Furthermore, vitamin C helps speed up the recovery of wounds and cuts, aids your body in absorbing iron and minerals, boosts immune health, and protects your gums.

You should always pick fruits and vegetables that are bright in colour as these are the ones packed with most vitamin C. You can consume it in any portion you like because it is water-soluble, and excess vitamin C will be flushed through your urine. However, excess vitamin C may also cause stomach aches, nausea, and vomiting.

These are the foods that help prevent the onset of urinary tract infections. However, you should first consult your primary care physician before changing your diet. It is always best to consult professionals for better guidance. Book an appointment with the best Urologist in Islamabadthrough Marham for more information.


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