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Best Air Mattresses to Create an Instant Bedroom Anywhere

An air mattress can be the best way to increase your sleeping space without having to add any extra square footage, such as a sofa bed. You can simply roll it out and make a guest room from it. An air mattress is great for temporary sleeping in comfort while you wait for a new mattress.

Inflatable mattresses are known for sagging or deflating during the night, but this is usually due to poor quality. You’d be amazed at the variety of air mattresses available if you haven’t looked for one in a while. The best air mattresses today are stronger than older models and have handy features such as built-in pumps that make it easy to set up and take down. You can also find inflatable headboards and pressure monitors that respond instantly to changes in mattress puffiness. All of these features are designed to make your sleep experience as comfortable as possible.

We narrowed down the selection by looking at the top-selling air mattresses, then analysing them for quality and ease of use. Bonus points were also given to air mattresses for their affordability and user-friendly characteristics. We have compiled a list of the top air mattresses you can purchase right now. (Pro tip) To make your air mattress even more comfortable, add a topper to your mattress.

  • Best Air mattress: Serta Air mattress with Never Flat Pump
  • Best Air Mattress On Amazon: SoundAsleep Dream Series
  • Most Durable Mattress: Beautyrest-Lux
  • Best Mattress with a Headboard: AeroBed Comfort Lock
  • The Best Budget Air Mattress: Standard Pillow Rest
  • Best Air Mattress For Camping: EZ Inflate
  • Best Air Mattress For Customizable Comfort: EnerPlex Dual Pump
  • Best Air mattress with built-in pump: King Koil
  • The Most Innovative Air Mattress: Brookstone Innovations
  • Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use: Englander Air Mattress


Best Overall Air Mattress

This air mattress is made by Serta mattress company. It has a dual-air pump system, which is one of the best features. The one pump inflates or deflates the mattress while the other monitors and quietly maintains your desired air pressure throughout the night. It has 35 coils in a circular pattern for additional support. The mattress is light enough to be easily moved from one room to the next.

Best Air Mattress On Amazon

SoundAsleep Dream is an Amazon bestseller, with nearly 2,000 5-star reviews. The mattress features a double-height chamber that provides extra cushioning. It also has an extra thick, waterproof, flocked top made from puncture-resistant PVC. The mattress is easy to set up: It has an integrated air pump that will puff the surface of your sleep surface in as little as four minutes. Do you want it firmer? Click on the button again. The SoundAsleep Dream Series can be inflated and left at the desired firmness for several days.

Most Durable Air Mattress

It is not advisable to spend less on an air mattress that you will be using for a long time. However, it can save you money over the long-term by purchasing a more durable model. The Intex Dura Beam is the best option if you are in urgent need of an air mattress and don’t mind spending $50. A queen-sized air mattress that is decent and has a pump built in for $40 is amazing. The mattress has a soft, velvety surface and the company’s Fiber-Tech inner structure for stability. It also includes a pillow rest to provide additional comfort. Once you are done, just set the mattress to inflate.

Best Air Mattress With A Headboard

The AeroBed costs over $400 but it is well worth the investment. It’s also a very close substitute to a traditional bed frame. The AeroBed’s inflatable headboard provides extra support for the heads of sleepers. The mattress comes with an integrated pump that has an auto shutoff function. This allows you to set it up to pump up and then walk away. The secondary pump silently inflates your mattress when it begins to fall apart. The bag can be folded up and stored away in the included carry bag.

Best Air Mattress For Camping

The EZ Inflate is a camping mattress that offers comfort and ease. It’s waterproof and puncture-resistant, with a flocked cover for extra cushioning, so you can sleep comfortably under the stars. The pump is also very portable and can be set up in minutes without the need for a separate pump. It folds into a compact bag that can be carried around with you.

Best Air Mattress For Customizable Comfort

This EnerPlex mattress is great for those who struggle to find the right level of firmness. The mattress has a dual pump system that gives you the perfect feel. The first pump inflates and deflates quickly. The second pump lets you adjust the pressure to blow the mattress higher or lower. It’s made to feel just like a mattress, thanks to the circular coils that provide a solid and supportive foundation. The quilt top flocking provides a smooth feeling and prevents you from getting squeaky air mattresses.

Best Air Mattress With Built-In Pump

A built-in pump makes air mattresses luxurious and easy to use. King Koil mattresses inflate in just two minutes. This leaves you little time to get your sheets ready before they are ready. The mattress also has a thick, sueded quilt to provide comfort and prevent your bed from shifting during the night. Just hit the deflate button, then stand back and let it do its job.

Most Innovative Air Mattress

Brookstone Innovations Perfect Air Bed features a pump built in that inflates the bed in just two minutes. Even better? It can stay inflated for many days. You can also customise the firmness of the mattress with the adjustable dial. You can simply set the dial for “deflate” to store the mattress and it will do the rest.

Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use

The Englander air mattress is your new favorite. Its microfiber surface is comfortable and cool enough to be used regularly. The built-in pump inflates the air bed in just 90 seconds and then deflates it in a similar time. It is puncture-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about getting up from the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Mattresses

It is understandable that you may have questions about air mattresses. Mara Vucich is a doctor in physical and rehabilitation medicine at Baltimore Mercy Medical Centre. She has the answers.

Do air mattresses work for sleeping?

Technically, yes. However, there isn’t any data that can show which mattress is best for you back, inflatable or not, Vucich states. She explains that it really boils down to how your neck and back feel when you lie down on any mattress. She explains that your neck and lower spine have a natural curve, called a lordosis. Keeping this alignment will reduce pressure and pain on your neck or lower back. This is true even if you are using an air mattress, she says.

Are Air Mattresses Good for Back Pain?

Vucich states that it doesn’t have to be good or bad, as long as it is supportive. Although an air mattress can be supportive, it is better to make it firmer. You will feel sore the next morning if you don’t have enough air.

What is the Lifespan of an Air Mattress?

Every retailer and every product are different. If not used often, an air mattress can last up to six years. It may show signs of wear sooner if you use it frequently or if it is your regular mattress. Quality is important in everything.


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