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Women’s Guide to Hoodies – How and When to Wear Them

When most people hear about fashion hoodies for women, the first thought that pops up in their mind is that of women in oversized hoodies with long sleeves. However, this isn’t always true! Women can rock sweatshirt and hoodies, even more than men that are the original owners, especially when the outfit is right.  

Hoodies are a woman’s best friend during the coldest time of the year — winter! But that’s not the only time you can wear them. They’ll also look great on you and are practicable to wear in the spring and summer. 

Despite their high utility, it’s always advisable to note the thickness and material of the hoodie you wear. Some hoodies aren’t advisable to wear during certain periods because of the health risks they pose. 

The rest of this article will shed more light on when it’s practicable to wear hoodies. We’ll also be sharing some hoodie shopping and fashion tips you need to know.

When to Wear Hoodies

The perfect time to wear hoodies remains the time of the year when it’s cold outside or snowing. They’re meant to keep you warm. During the chilly season, consider going for hoodies that are made mostly from cotton, and are thick in texture. You’ll feel more warmth and it would eliminate the need to wear extra clothing. 

Occasions between casual and formal settings would fit perfectly into places you can wear your hoodies. They can be worn for family meet-ups, outings with friends, casual meetings with business partners, or close associates. If you’re going to be wearing it to a formal event, wear a t-shirt underneath. Note that collared shirts are a no-no. 

Lazy Sunday and all you want to do is chill out in your home, then get yourself a hoodie. Also, if you’ve just finished a shower after a stressful day at work? 

This would be a perfect time to pull over a light hoodie before going for a stroll in your neighborhood park. Maybe, you’re not the outdoor type of person? Hoodies work perfectly when trying to watch your favorite movie and chilling indoors. 

What to Wear with a Hoodie?

If you’re aiming for a casual look that feels comfy, you can pair a hoodie with your favorite leggings. Hoodies are also versatile enough to be paired with skirts or jeans. The length and occasion you’re wearing them for matter depending on the look you’re aiming for. You can also do more research online on fashion tips that can help you upgrade your style. 

For the hoodies color, solid colors like gray or black are preferable as they don’t overwhelm your entire outfit. If you want more colors, tie-dye hoodies are a great alternative. Light hoodies with pastel hues like pale yellow and baby blue would give you a cool look while ensuring you’re warm on the inside on a sunny chilly day. 

What to Wear with a Hoodie

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hoodie

Before you purchase your next hoodie, here are some shopping tips and guidelines that would come in handy when looking for fashion hoodies for women. 

1. Length

Your ideal type of hoodies should be long enough to cover most of your bottom. Hoodies that sit just above your hips and ride up during the day would leave you uncomfortable after a few hours unless, of course, you want extra sexy!. If you want a hoodie that gives you a cozy feeling — the length matters!

2. Body Shape/Type

Before buying any hoodies, take into account your body type because different styles fit differently. Not all hoodies would maintain fitness with your body shape. This is what caused the women’s oversized hoodies stereotype. A good piece of shopping advice is to pick a smaller size than what you’ll normally wear. 

If you usually wear medium-sized hoodies, a small-sized hoodie would be an ideal choice. Chances are, your hoodies would stretch out over time after many uses. A hoodie that fits right away would later become oversized in the future, hence not an economical choice.

3. Material and Texture

Depending on the season and where you want to wear your hoodies, consider the materials they’re made from. 

For example, an ideal type of hoodie women can wear to work should be made from nylon or polyester. You’ll feel more warm and dry during the day without your clothes being too hot, preventing perspiration in your underarms. 

4. Design

When shopping for a hoodie, you can look for design features like pockets and zippers. These contribute towards your hoodie’s ventilation and whether you’ll be needing to wear extra layers underneath.

Women’s zip-up sweaters can be worn as an overshirt for a more casual look, especially when you only zip it halfway up during sunny days. You can also wear them with long sleeve shirts to provide warmth during the cold season. Simply zip it all the way up.

Pockets would also become a comfort zone for your hands to keep warm during winter. 

5. Color, Style, and Pattern

Solid colors are softer and can be paired with jeans or leggings for casual events. However, if you’re looking to create a unique style, you can get creative with the color and pattern.

Tie-dye hoodies are great options if you want a hoodie that makes you stand out from the crowd. You can easily blend them with most of your outfits and they become a trend among women’s designer sweatshirts.

You’ll find many patterns and colors while shopping for basic women’s hoodies online. The rest boils down to your personal preference and taste.


By now, you must have gotten ideas about when and how you can wear your hoodie all season. What most women want in an outfit are comfort and attractiveness. You can slay women’s designer hoodies with colorful patterns and neutral colors like white and black without looking like you’re screaming for attention. 

We’ll like to lay emphasis on the influence of the weather on your choice of a hoodie. What’s cool to wear in winter might be dangerous to wear during the summer season. 

In the end, there are several methods of staying warm during winter but what’s comfier and more attractive other than fashion hoodies for women.


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