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A Guide on How to Watch MTV Online Outside US

For quite a decade MTV has been the center of entertainment when it comes to music videos and celebrity paparazzi. Since its launch back in 1981, MTV has a special place in the heart of teenagers who want to stay hip and “Fresh”.

However, in the recent years, MTV has been more centric towards an adolescent audience with the introduction of new reality shows that keep the viewers glued to their television sets.

If we look at the statistics of the MTV Audience, it’s viewed by almost 87% of the households in America. Here, we will guide you on how to watch MTV live online while you’re living outside the U.S.

Why Can’t I Watch MTV Live Online Outside US?

The strict content license agreements and copyright issues don’t allow you to access content on MTV outside US. Copyright holders are very stern over their content being shown in the specified location and restrict it from being shown on other locations.

For example, if you go to the app or the website of MTV entertainment and try to watch MTV live online, you will simply be put back to your place with this message on your screen:

Therefore, if you’re sitting in a boring evening and thinking to watch MTV live online, then don’t get your hopes down as it’s not impossible to watch MTV outside US.

How To Watch MTV Live Online

Get your snacks on point, because from now on, you’ll be one of those enjoying MTV online with the help of these 5 steps:

Step I

Choose a VPN that suits you and your pocket, and download it. A VPN will help you unblock MTV outside US and allow you to enjoy unlimited entertainment offered by MTV from anywhere.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. PureVPN
  5. Ivacy

Step II

After you’re done downloading the VPN, go to the directory of the download and install it. Alternatively, you can setup a VPN manually on your chosen device.

Step III

After the installation is complete, start-up the VPN software.

Step IV:

Now click on the settings tab on your VPN software, and select the server that is based in U.S.

Step V:

Start MTV, and watch MTV live online non-stop!

Watch MTV Live Online On Multiple Platforms

Yes, we didn’t stutter! Not only you can watch MTV live online on your PC, but also, you can enjoy the seamless spiced up MTV content within the comfort of your palms. Just to help you out, we will review these MTV Live mobile Apps for you:

Watch MTV Live Online On iOS

With the help of a sleek, black UI, the MTV app allows you to navigate through shows and music videos without breaking a sweat. It’s stylish, easy and a great companion for anyone who’s looking to stay updated with the world of feisty celebrities on-the-go.

By the way, don’t forget to install your favorite VPN software before you plan to watch MTV live online outside US on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re looking to download the MTV app on your iPhone or iPad, simply type “MTV App” on AppStore and it’ll show up on the top result.

Watch MTV Live Online On Android

If you think MTV app for iOS kicks some honey, then you have simply underestimated the abilities of an Android phone. The android app for MTV is definitely a looker, and its easy navigation functions allow any music/TV show fan to watch their favorite music video or show within a matter of seconds.

However, make sure that you have a VPN software existent on your Android phone before you get ready to watch MTV live online. If you’re looking to download the MTV app on your Android smart-phone, simply type “MTV App” on PlayStore and it’ll show up on the top result.

Our Verdict on the Matter

There you go! We’ve completed our duty being your accomplice in unblocking MTV online outside U.S. There should be no counter-argument when it is said that MTV is the best portal for music and paparazzi lovers, because without any doubts, MTV is a pioneer when it comes to music and general entertainment.

It has expanded its entrée from just offering music to original TV shows. Apart from this, there are always MTV music awards and host of other events that are covered by MTV world. And, if you get stuck behind geographic restrictions, then just follow the 5 steps we listed above. So, we hope you enjoy watching MTV live online all day, every day.



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