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5 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Melbourne Home Today

Since your home is the biggest investment you’re ever likely to make, you’re well within your rights to protect it with everything you have. But what are the most effective methods?

Aluminium Doors

Firstly, why not install aluminium doors? Not only do they look great with a modern design, but they also improve security. For one thing, aluminium boasts structural stability so isn’t affected by temperature changes. What’s more, you have a range of options when it comes to design – you can choose a style, colour, and even accessories that match the rest of the exterior of the property.

With modern machining technology, you also don’t need to worry about burglars and other criminals. For the most part, burglars will see that you have an aluminium door and give up on their attempts to enter the property. With all three of these benefits, it makes aluminium door installations in Melbourne a sensible option.

Motion-Activated Lights

Burglars rely on darkness and lurking in shadows, so motion-activated lights go a long way to preventing crime. As soon as the light comes on, the criminal will feel exposed and more than likely scarper. Since the lights only come on when motion is detected, you shouldn’t need to replace the bulb frequently either.

Security Cameras

As well as motion-activated lights, consider installing security cameras because this will also deter criminals from your property. When criminals see cameras, they don’t want to risk getting in trouble so will leave your property alone. Most criminals are just opportunists that take advantage of weak security; they don’t like to take risks. If you have security cameras, motion-activated lights, and aluminium doors, criminals will see that your property just isn’t worth the risk.

Security cameras not only protect your property in the short term but also perform a greater good for the community. If somebody is silly enough to attempt anything on your property, you can hand the footage to the police, and they can get another criminal off the street. This doesn’t make the pain of the burglary any easier, but it doesn’t contribute to lower crime rates in the community.

Garage Locks

Every year, homeowners spend money improving the security of their homes but ignore their garages. This is like installing high-end locks on car doors and ignoring the boot. If the garage is easy to access, criminals will still see your property as an opportunity (especially if the garage is attached to your property). Criminals will access the garage and then get inside your property through this route, so pay attention to your garage; burglars are aware that homeowners often neglect this area, so don’t make the same mistake as many others before you.

Window Locks

As well as garages, windows are also often a weak spot in homes. If criminals can’t access the property through doors, they will turn their attention to windows. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to spend lots of money on door locks and other security items when you aren’t also updating your windows.

As a bonus tip, you should also get into good habits to improve the security of your Melbourne home. For instance, this means locking all doors and windows (even if you’re only popping out for a few minutes!). Don’t leave valuables on show, use locks, and make your home look occupied wherever possible. If you think like a burglar – without the actual burgling, of course – you can make your home look unattractive to criminals!


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