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The Different Types of Evil Eye Necklaces – Take Your Pick from the Stylish Ones

Women and accessories go hand in hand! They want to bag in the newest jewelry trend and wear it with style and elan. Hence, it’s not surprising that the evil eye necklaces are becoming a popular fashion choice for many people. The evil eye symbol was used in jewelry, including bracelets and pendants, believing that it would ward off negative energy and bring in good energy. And coupled with this belief, the designers thought to add interesting and exquisite designs to make the evil eye necklace attractive to the style-conscious women.

Wearing the evil-eye necklace – Who can wear it?

Today, several women are attracted to the evil eye necklace but don’t wear it because they think it’s an accessory for the ones who are stylish and follow fashion trends. The truth is, to wear the evil-eye necklace, you don’t have to be a woman who has excellent style know-how. The beauty of this jewelry is that it can blend very well with your personal style comfortably. It can complement your bodycon dress and your summer top, and a pair of shorts.

If you are still in two minds about it, here are a few points that suggest who can wear the evil eye necklace:

  • Do you love experimenting with different forms of jewelry? If yes, then you can give the evil eye necklace a try. You can wear it just by itself and also pair it with other sleek gold or silver chains, depending on the type of necklace you choose. But make sure not to opt-in for more than two chains; else, it will appear cluttered, and the evil eye necklace might not appear visible. Also, too many chains can dim the unique rings of the evil eye locket.
  • Do you want to try out a statement jewelry form? If yes, you can start right with the evil eye necklace. Usually, this necklace comes in two prominent shapes. First, in the shape of an evil eye, and second, in the shape of an inverted hand, known as the Hamsa. And both the forms look distinguished and prominent. If you want to make a style statement, this necklace will do complete justice. Make sure that you wear a solid color dress or top so that the necklace can gain maximum visibility. Also, when you are wearing statement jewelry, you need to have the backdrop minimal so that the jewelry can shine out.
  • Do you want to wear jewelry that acts both as an attractive piece and a lucky charm? If yes, the evil eye necklace is exactly what you need. According to popular belief prevalent in different cultures, the evil eye symbol can bring good luck by warding off negative energy. Many people believe that if you wear it as jewelry visible on any part of the body, such as the fingers, wrist, or neck, it works effectively. So, when you buy a stylish neckpiece with the evil eye symbol, it can bring you good luck and make you look stylish. Hence, wearing this necklace will be a feel-good factor to you.

How to shop for the evil eye necklace?

Once you have decided to opt for the evil eye necklace, you need to know where to get one. Fortunately, the online world has made it possible for women to choose an evil eye necklace that caters to their style preference and budget. Make sure to browse several shopping sites, even if you like a particular piece. It will provide you with clarity and the price.

Making an online price comparison is essential. That way, you will not pay an exorbitant price to get the evil eye necklace. Also, once you know the correct price, you wouldn’t fall for the “too good to be true” deals that are primarily faulty and provide you with poor-quality products. To avoid this, you should read the customer care reviews before you buy from a website.

Also, you need to know that the evil eye necklaces don’t come in a uniform design. There are multiple variants available. For instance, you might find one necklace in a choker style and the other in a pendant style. Go ahead and choose the one based on your personal comfort and style. And if you want some choices, you can check out 23 Evil Eye Necklace Styles.

Selecting and styling the evil eye necklace

You need to know that there is no one way to style this jewelry piece. The online stores are replete with multiple kinds of evil eye necklaces for you to select and style the way you want. Hence, you can take your pick and allow your mind to provide you with ideas to style your attire and accessories. Do you want some help? If yes, we have discussed about a few types of necklaces and how to style them.

  1. The gold and diamond evil eye necklace

If you want to wear this necklace to formal and special occasions, you should choose a gold and diamond variant of the evil eye necklace. Usually, such a neckpiece incorporates various symbols in the chain, that stands for good fortune, luck, love, and protection. Such a necklace also has brilliant-cut diamonds along with the small evil eye symbols. Some designers also add precious stones like ruby and sapphire to the chain. In fact, this jewelry will be an investment for you, and you can wear it to any special occasion that you want. If you are planning to wear this chain, you can choose a silk dress. The fabric should complement the jewelry.

Also, make sure since you have already added a prominent symbol as a neckpiece, you need to go light on your bracelet and earrings. Wearing a simple, basic gold or rose gold brace and ear studs will complement your look. If you want, you can complete your look by tying your hair to a knot or bun and can put on your favorite stilettos. Whether you are going to an official get-together or an evening party at your friend’s place, this look will work for you. And since it’s the evil eye symbol, you will also draw in much good luck and positive energy.

  1. The evil eye necklace in beads and pearls

Do you have a pool party to attend? Or any other event similar to this, where you need your attire and accessories to be semi-formal yet fun? If yes, then you can opt0in for this evil eye neckpiece. Here the chain is studded with pearls and beads. In fact, you will find the beads in the form of evil eye design prints strewn with white pearl beads. The white and blue color combination brings to mind Greece and Athens’s relaxed and timeless essence. It also has a subtle boho-chic vibe that makes you look stylish without being over the top. And here you can wear this necklace along with a white loose cotton shirt and faded blue jeans.

In most cases, this necklace acts as a style statement and a protective talisman made of baroque pears, gold-tone brass, and a mother of pearl accent. Usually, this necklace is slightly loose than a choker. If you want, you can wear chic, plain gold pendants and pair them with the evil eye necklace. But if you are someone who prefers a minimal touch in your accessories, wearing the necklace by itself also works in your favor. If it’s a pool party, you can wear it with an off-shoulder dress and put on your flip-flops or wedges. And if it’s an evening party, you can wear a formal black dress and choose this neckpiece to stand out. Ensure that you don’t add excess accessories, as that can take away people’s attention from the necklace.

  1. Statement-making evil eye necklace

Are you someone who loves to wear statement pieces in bracelets or neckpieces? If yes, then this evil eye necklace style will work for you. Usually, the evil eye symbol is made prominent in such a neckpiece. It’s what catches the maximum attention. Also, some designers experiment with the evil eye locket shade. Usually, the standard shade is deep blue with white eye patterns. But today, the designers are trying out other colors, such as dark moss green and different colors. It’s a chunky necklace that is best for women who love to wear chunky jewelry and get noticed for it. Such an oversized evil eye symbol gets sculpted using gold-plated bronze. Some designers use sparkling gemstones and fluttering eyelashes to add more spark to the necklace.

You can also come across the evil eye necklace that is funky and other creative designs. Today, fashion designers have realized that this famous symbol can get worked upon in different ways to create statement jewelry. However, if you are planning to select and style the best piece, you need to check what appeals to you.Also, make sure to choose a high-quality necklace so that it is durable and is worth your investment. Opt-in for discounts, but ensure that you don’t buy an inferior neckpiece.

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