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Jenna Shea Wiki: Age, Family, Boyfriend and Career.

Jenna Shea, an Instagram Star from the United States, is Jenna Shea. She is well-known for her modelling. Jenna Shea has more than 7 million Instagram followers. She has done this by posting amazing images and short videos.

Jenna Shea is who?

Jenna Shea Cosgrove is the full name for this Model. She is also known by the name Jenna Shea. According to her birthplace she is American by blood. Inglewood, California is her hometown.

Jenna Shea Age

Jenna Shea Cosgrove was born Jenna Shea Cosgrove on September 8, 1985. She was born in Inglewood, California USA. She is 36 years of age. She is of Polish descent.

Jenna Shea Education

She was born in America and received her education there. She is a great guide to popular fame. She is also an online seller, as she owns an e-commerce website where she sells her products.

Jenna Shea Family

Ner actual birth name idz Jenna Shea Sodzgrove. Jenna haze kert current personal information away from rublis. Dzhe had disclosed any information about her family and her dzshooling.

Jenna Shea Boyfriend

Jenna Shea Pic

Jenna Shea has reportedly decided to leave marriage and is not interested in a healthy relationship. Jenna is single and has been linked to some well-known hook-ups, especially with rappers.

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Some of them include Lil Wayne and Tyga. Soulja Boy, Austin Daye and Mack Maine. She was also described as having a connection with legendary actor, producer and rapper Aaron Carter.

Jenna was included in several links with celebrities. She also informed her ex-boyfriends about French Montana, James Harden and Juelz Santana.

She is strong and beautiful which attracts many guys to her.

Jenna Shea on Social Media

Jenna is a strong presence on nearly every social media platform. She continues to share her photos on her Instagram account, where she has over 7 million followers as of 2022.

She also has more than 575k followers on her twitter handle, and more than 6 million on her Facebook page. In addition, she has been awarded the verified blue tick on every social media platform that shows her popularity.

She also has a Youtube channel, but it is not known. The channel had 26 videos and was established on 25 September 2010. The number of subscribers has been kept secret by the channel owner.

Jenna Shea Career

Jenna Shea is well known for her work in America as a Glamour Candy Model. She also worked with Crazy and SHOW magazine.

Shea has been an Instagram model for several years and a producer of adult content since then. Experts believe Shea is a guide to people in the media. Shea currently produces adult content for OnlyFans.

The thirty-five year-old also offers workshops to help you build an OnlyFans account, improve your Instagram presence, and create better content.

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Since then, she has been helping people make money by hustling in adult content production. Jenna spoke at a conference in January. OnlyFans alone brought her more than a million dollars in revenue.

Jenna Shea Wiki

Real Name Jenna Shea Cosgrove
Birthplace USA
Profession: Adult Content Creator
Age 36 Years (2022).
Marital Status: Unmarried
Net Worth 1 Million USD
American Nationality

Jenna Shea – Physical Appearance

Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight: 57 Kgs
Eye colour grey
Hair Colour Blonde

Jenna Shea Favourites

Favourite Actor Leonardo De Caprio
Favourite colour Blue
Emma Watson is Emma Watson’s Favourite Actress
Paris: My Favourite Destination
Favourite Meal Pizza

Jenna Shea Net Worth

Jenna Shea’s net worth was USD 1,000,000. Her hard work and extraordinary efforts have helped her achieve such a high net worth.

Jenna has sold many types of content on her website, including pictures and videos. She also works as an attendant. She is willing to work for USD 1,000 an hour or $10,000 for 48 hours.

Apart from that, she also has a YouTube channel on which she uploads her videos. Jenna has a lot of followers on her social media platforms. This is a great way to get paid.

Jenna Shea Photos

Jenna Shea PicJenna Shea PicJenna Shea PicJenna Shea PicJenna Shea Pic

Jenna Shea Measurements

Jenna Shea is 37 years old based on her date of birth. Jenna Shea is 5 feet 4 inches tall and 56 kilograms in weight. She is a beautiful younger lady with brown eyes and dark hair.

Jenna Shea Facts

* Jenna Shea, an Instagram Star from the United States, is Jenna Shea.

* Her beautiful smile and hot appearance are what make her famous.

* She is well-known on other social media platforms, including Instagram.

* Jenna Shea has over 7,000,000 Instagram followers.

* Jenna Shea is likely to be very active on Instagram, and she helps to keep posting trending pictures on Instagram.

* Jenna Shea was conceived in 1997 in the United States.

* She was born in the United States, and completed her education there.

* Jenna Shea has a net worth of approximately 959K.

Jenna Shea is an animal lover.

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Jenna Shea Achievements

Jenna has been growing well over the last few years. She is like a tree that cannot be stopped until it is overthrown. She had accomplished a lot in her career and continues to do so. She hasn’t received any awards for her achievements and awards. She hasn’t been nominated yet for any awards.

Questions about Jenna Shea

Jenna Shea is who?

Jenna Shea, an American Model and creator of adult content, is Jenna Shea.


What’s Jenna Shea’s age?

Jenna Shea was 37 years old in the year 2022.


Jenna Shea is how tall?

Jenna Shea stands 5′ 4″ tall.


Where is Jenna Shea?

Jenna Shea hails from the United States.


What’s Jenna Shea’s bodyweight?

Jenna Shea is approximately 56 kg in weight.


Is Jenna Shea Married?

No Jenna Shea Isn’t married.


What’s Jenna Shea’s net worth?

She makes 1 million dollars.


What is Jenna Shea’s full name?

Jenna Shea Cosgrove.


Where is Jenne Shea from?

Inglewood (California)


How many Instagram followers does Jenna Shea own?

Over 7 million people follow her on Instagram.



Jenna Shea was raised in Ohio by her mother. Jenna Shea Cosgrove was her birth name and she is an American Nationality. Jenna started her career seriously, but she never imagined that she would be able to become this.

She is humbled by her success, and she has even shocked people with her achievements. This beautiful and hot actress may soon be able to appear on larger platforms. This is her story.

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