HomenewsShescharm Reviews Is Shescharm. Is com legit or a scam?

Shescharm Reviews Is Shescharm. Is com legit or a scam?

Do you want to shop online for different kinds of clothing? Don’t wait. We review Shescharm, an online marketplace that sells women’s clothing.

Online shops have so many options today. Online shopping has seen a significant shift in popularity due to its ease of use and many other amenities. This review is about Shescharm.com, an online shop that sells women’s clothing in a variety of styles.

Online stores are a popular choice for shoppers, especially in the US. Let’s continue our review to learn more about this online store, such as Is Shescharm Legit?

What is Shescharm.com?

This online store sells many types and categories of women’s clothing. You can find tops, dresses and jumpsuits as well as shoes, pants and swimwear in this online store. You can also shop for your favorite items in every category.

This online shopping platform offers many discounts and offers daily so you can get the product that interests you at a very low price. This online store’s website looks great. Let’s take a look at the specifications and see the pros and cons of this online shop at Shescharm Reviews.


* URL: https://shescharm.com/

* Domain Age: This domain was created December 11, 2020. The website’s domain age is therefore one month and sixteen days.

* E-mail: service@shescharm.com

* Contact number not provided

* Address not listed.

* Social Media: This online store lists social media handles.

* Delivery time depends on the location you place your order. It can take between 10-20 days.

* Shipping charges: There are shipping fees, but orders above $ 89 will receive free shipping

* Return Policy: You have 7 days to contact us, and 30 days to return the item. However, it does include a few conditions.

* Refunds are available, but there are conditions.

Pros of Shescharm.com

* This online shopping platform has a large selection of women’s clothes.

* Each product’s specifications are listed.

* Customers are eligible for various discounts and sales every day.

* This online shop has great reviews from Shescharm customers.

* Fast international delivery.

* Return and refund policies are easy.

Shescharm.com’s disadvantages

* This online store has too many positive reviews from customers to be believed.

* These products can be quite costly.

* This online store does not list the address.

* The contact number is not also listed on the website.

* This online store’s customer reviews should be more popular on social media.

Is Shescharm Legit or Scam?

We reviewed the different aspects of this online shop in this session. This online shopping platform’s domain age is too recent to be trusted. The online store does not have an address or contact number. This makes it difficult to reach customer support.

The online store uses a secure HTTPS connection, which is required for legitimate websites. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your data is secure. Online reviews were also negative.

We are not convinced that this online shop is legal. This online store is suspicious for many reasons, which we have already discussed in our review.

Shescharm customer reviews

You will find tons of reviews about this online shop. One user on his Facebook page claims that this is a Chinese scam and that the site has changed its name twice. It should be able to get more social media followers if the reviews posted by customers are true.

The online store’s customer reviews are therefore false and make it less professional and trustworthy.


We advise that you do not provide any personal information through this online store. This online shopping platform appears highly suspicious and is therefore not trusted. Avoid internet scams and do not buy anything from this website.

Have you had any experiences with this website? Let us know your Shescharm experiences in the comments below.


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