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michael j lindell com What Is michael lindell com documentary?

Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, has created a documentary that explains his conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 presidential election. It lasted three hours.

Lindell claims the movie will prove “100%” that China and other countries voted for President Biden, even though Donald Trump officials have not found any evidence.

“Everyone must share it with everybody you know,” Lindell stated in a chaotic interview on The Revival Channel.

Lindell stated that he had edited the film over the past two weeks and that more than a dozen people have been working for “three hours sleep” to complete the project. He stated that he would be out Friday.

His controversial executive director, whose bedding company was removed from Twitter this Week, said that he had spoken to the Right-wing One America News Network about broadcasting it in the loop and that he would permit it.

One America News Network didn’t immediately respond to a request.

Dominion Voting Systems threatened to sue Lindell over the fraudulent electoral fraud he had promoted since Trump’s November loss.

His bogus theories are in contradiction to the findings of federal authorities. Chad Wolf, then-Secretary for Homeland Security, stated that there was no evidence that any foreign actor had changed the ranks on election day. William Barr, Trump’s attorney general, said that officials did not find evidence of widespread fraud in the election.

Lindell visited the White House shortly before Trump’s term ended last month. He stated that he wanted to show the former president his film, which he will be presenting to him in the Senate for impeachment trial next week.

Lindell stated, “I will attempt to reach the president and show it to him, and now he’ll know that everything he spoke – when he comes to these hearings, I will apologize to him.”

This documentary is not Lindell’s first. According to Business Insider, he was involved in the production of the 2019 anti-abortion drama Unplanned and was also the subject of a documentary entitled “The Story Of Mike Lindell: America’s Dream” in 2016.


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