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Kimberley Bolso Makeup School Reviews and Kimberley Boss who?

Are you a Makeup aspirant? Do you wish to get fast-track makeup training from renowned makeup artists and institutes in the United States? Are you familiar with the different institutes? Are you having trouble choosing which institute to attend? Do you find it difficult to pay for all the makeup classes?

This article is about Kimberley’s makeup school, which offers courses starting at $300 or going up to $7500 depending upon your budget.

Kimberley Bosse is who?

Kimberley Bosso is a celebrity makeup artist. Her nickname is “The go-to celebrity makeup artist”. She has been a makeup artist at Hollywood stars, fashion shows and red carpet events. She also offers quick-track training for makeup artists in her studio. You can also learn from the experts what works at Paris Lash Academy.

Course details, fees and costs:

kimberley bosso makeup school reviews:

All reviews come from trustworthy sources and are positive. It was rated 5/5 stars by aspirants, which is an excellent rating! It is a LEGITIMATE, CERTIFIED Make-up Institute.


The intensive makeup school offers intensive make-up classes for two days, four days, and six days. Kimberly can only accommodate 4 students per class for all three courses. The course will start with theory, then Boss will demonstrate live makeup. Students can also learn how to apply their makeup. All courses require instalment payments.

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