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You can watch the entire first episode of ‘Halo’ on YouTube for free

Paramount Plus is working hard to get Halo subscribers. They even uploaded the entire pilot episode to YouTube for free.

It’s unclear how long it will stay this way. But if you have at least 58 minutes to spare, you can view the episode below to find out.

Is it worth the Paramount Plus subscription? It may not be worth it on its own. However, I highly endorse Mayor of Kingston, the Jeremy Renner program, if you subscribe. There are some people who like Star Trek stuff.

But let’s get back to Halo. They did an excellent job with the pilot. I admit that I was wrong about some of my preconceived notions.

However, I must admit that I didn’t like episode 2, which is not online, as much. This was not because it did not have the same battles as the first game. This script is just…weird. I also feel that the Chief’s characterisation is just…weird. His helmet is always on and he feels completely different. We’ll be watching to see how things develop, but I must warn you that episode 2 is not as good as episode 1. The entire season can be viewed as a whole before making any final decisions.


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Paramount Plus seems to be seeing the benefits of Halo despite these types of debates. This is the best show debut in the very short time of the streaming service. Season 2 was approved even before season 1. This is presumably because they had already spent a lot on production and thought that the viewership would be sufficient to justify it. It seems they were right.

This free episode is becoming a bit controversial on YouTube. It received 6.1K views and 1.4K comments. It has a positive ratio but it is not the best I have seen. It has been viewed 145,000 times right now. This means that a large number of people have seen it. I would love for the conversion rates of this video to Paramount Plus, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever find out.

However, I believe that releasing the episode on YouTube was a smart move. This is something that happens very rarely right now. We will see what Halo’s future holds, besides a guaranteed second season. And whether there are more fans and critics who watch more episodes.

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