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First, you should post bail immediately after being arrested. If you find out that a PC1275 Hold has been placed, it can be difficult to post bail without assistance. Call Justice Bail Bonds Riverside to get help. Justice Bail Bonds will help you navigate PC 1275 and get you out of jail so you can go home.

What Does a PC 1275 Hold?

PC 1275 is Penal Code 1275.1. It states that if there are grounds to suspect that money used to bail out someone illegally, the bail cannot be accepted. Anybody involved in an arrest or prosecution can place the PC1275 on bail. Most cases involving gang activity, drug dealing, theft, embezzlement or extortion will have the PC 1275 hold. These charges may indicate that there is a greater likelihood that the money the defendant has access to came from illegal activities. Therefore, they are not eligible for bail acceptance.

PC 1275: Hold for Drug Crimes

A PC 1275 Hold On Bail can be issued for many drug-related charges. The case against a defendant accused of possessing drugs with intent to distribute can be made. This is because the money that was available to him from previous sales of drugs makes it ineligible to pay bail.

It is a crime to possess drugs with the intent of selling them, according to HS 11352. The purpose of a person’s possession of drugs will be determined by the arresting officer and the prosecuting lawyer. If the prosecutor believes that the drugs were meant to be sold, then the defendant will likely face a violation for HS 11352, Possession with Intent To Distribute.

In charging intent to distribute, evidence that could be used include:

  • The quantity of drugs found on the defendant or in their immediate vicinity.
  • The packaging of drugs.
  • Near the defendant are found drug “packaging” items such as scales and baggies, along with other packing materials.
  • The defendant is found with weapons and drugs near him.
  • The defendant is often found with large amounts of cash or drugs near him.

To sum it all, the charge of possession with intent for distribution will not be limited to the type or amount of drugs found on a defendant. An individual could be arrested for possessing a small amount of drugs but also have a lot of cash and a weapon. The prosecuting attorney or arresting officer may use this evidence to prove that drug sales took place. A 1275 Hold on Bail would be almost certain in this situation.

Call Justice Bail Bonds if you or someone you know has been arrested for drug charges.

Marijuana sales can result in a PC1275 hold on bail

Prop 64 legalised recreational marijuana use in California. However, pot production and sales are still strictly controlled. You could be arrested for growing or possessing large quantities of marijuana without proper licensing. This is a misdemeanour offence that can result in a maximum $500 fine and up to six months imprisonment for most people.

Certain circumstances could lead to a felony conviction for possession of marijuana sales with intent to sell without licence. This is a more serious offence that carries harsher penalties and higher bail amounts.

Anyone can be charged with felony marijuana offences if they:

  • If:
  • Multiple drug convictions have been made in the past.
  • Persons convicted of serious, violent or sex-related crimes
  • The sale of or attempted sale was the reason for the arrest.
  • A person below the age of 18 was sold.
  • This offence is committed by someone over 21 who employs or uses a person younger than twenty-one years old to produce, cultivate, or market marijuana.

A PC 1275 Hold on Bail is more common for marijuana-related felonies. However, the bail bond specialists at Justice Bail Bonds are here to help. For help with removing a PC1275 Hold for marijuana charges, call (951)445-4155.

PC 1275 Hold for Manufacturing Drugs

California’s HS 11379.6 makes drug production a crime. In violation of HS 11379.6, the manufacture of methamphetamines is a common offence. Manufacturing drugs and narcotics can also be brought against you if you use marijuana to make hashish.

This is a felony drug crime that carries severe penalties. The manufacturing of narcotics can often be linked to the distribution or sale of drugs. This will result in many times a PC1275 Hold on Bail.

Justice Bail Bonds can assist you with a PC1275 Hold on Bail For Manufacturing Drugs. (951)445-4155.

How to Fight a PC 1275 Hold on Bail

A 1275 Hold has been placed on your ability for bail to be posted for you or another person. You will need to attend a PC1275 Hearing. The 1275 Hearing will decide if the bail money was actually obtained from criminal activity, and if it can be accepted as bail money.

The court will have to decide if the money used to bail is “clean”. In other words, was it derived from illegal activities or was it “clean”? To prove this, the defendant must gather documentation that clearly shows their financial situation. They will bring that documentation to the PC 1275 Hearing. These documents include:

  • Bank Statements
  • Statements from Credit Cards
  • Information about Car Payments
  • Tax Returns
  • Evidence of income (W2, Pay Stub etc.

You can also bring someone with you to testify about your income source or clarify your financial position. To help you navigate the Hold process, you will need to bring a bail bondsman or attorney with you to the hearing.

Call Justice Bail Bonds for assistance with PC1275 Hearings (951)445-4155.

Removal of a 1275 Hold On Bail

A judge must be convinced that money used to pay bail is not illegally obtained to remove a 1275 Hold On Bail. An attorney or experienced bail bondsman can help you explain the source of bail money.

Bail is a system that allows the court to make cash payments in order to ensure the defendant’s appearance at court hearings. If the court believes that the money used was illegally obtained or that the defendant will not appear, they will not permit bail to be paid.

A bail bondsman like Justice Bail Bonds can help you to clarify your financial situation, and give assurances to the judge that your commitment is to the legal process. After the Judge has lifted the 1275 Hold On Bail, bail is payable and you can continue your life.

For assistance in removing a PC1275 Hold on Bail, call Justice Bail Bonds today. Call Justice Bail Bonds at (951)445-4155 .

What’s the best way to remove a PC 1275 hold?

Hearings under PC 1275 can be difficult. Professional presentations are required to prove that money used for bail was not derived from illegal activities. Justice Bail Bonds’ professional bail bondmen are well-versed in courtroom procedures. They know how to present the case and assure that bail will be granted for the defendant. Our bail bond specialists can help you gather all the documents that you need to clearly present your financial situation to the court. They will also help you present it in such a way that the judge will be reassured that you are using “clean” money and will use bail to further the positive things in your life.

Justice Bail Bonds can be used to fight the PC1275 Hold!

Free Consultation on PC 1275 Hold On Bail

Call (951)445-4155 to find out if Justice Bail Bonds is able to help you navigate the 1275 hold on bail. Talk to Justice Bail Bonds about your case. There’s no cost or obligation.


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