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Mobile Email Management (MEM)

Email remains one of the most important forms of communication. Email is a popular method of communication for many organisations. It is reliable, fast, and easily accessible. IT administrators have a lot of issues with mail management due to the widespread use of email communications. These include provisioning employees with email accounts, and protecting confidential corporate data in emails. Email security is a critical aspect of any organisation.

The mobile device management capabilities such a Mobile Device Manager Plus allow IT administrators to manage these issues while also protecting enterprise email and securing mobile devices. To simplify enterprise email management, here’s a list that MDM supports.

Mobile Email Management (MEM), Key Features

  • Remotely configure Email
  • Only authorised apps and devices should have access to email
  • Protect your e-mail attachments from unauthorised access
  • To be able to access emails, you must pre-install the email client

Configuring corporate email accounts for employees

IT administrators must ensure that every employee has an email account to allow them to communicate with each other and customers, suppliers, or collaborators. You can easily create multiple email accounts using MDM by associating an email strategy with employees’ devices ( Android and iOS), and Windows.

It can be tedious to create individual email accounts for each employee. Dynamic variables make this easier by automatically retrieving the email addresses that were mapped to devices during enrollment. MDM allows you to set up default email accounts for users and configure your email signature.

Email restrictions

Many email senders add graphics to their emails and to link to them. Hidden viruses and malicious software can be downloaded from these HTML emails, which could pose a threat to your devices. This threat can be eliminated by completely limiting use in emails to plain text.

Administrators should also be concerned about automatic email forwarding. Employees who have enabled email forwarding to outside addresses may have access to sensitive information that could be lost. This situation becomes more dangerous when sensitive information is sent to unauthorised third parties via email. MDM can limit the forwarding of emails. This is a way to avoid these situations. MDM allows you to manage the sync of email addresses with third party cloud services, the use of non-email app email accounts, email notifications, as well as the syncing and management of MDM.

Secure communication

Email communication uses email configuration standards like IMAP to retrieve email. This typically means that email content is sent as plain text. This could leave confidential data open to hacking attacks and other cyber attacks. An SSL/TLS link is the solution. This ensures that email traffic is encrypted during transit. MDM allows you to establish secure communication channels for emails. You can enable an SSL/TLS connection, or use SSL certificates for your Android and iOS. To secure your emails with certificates, Simple Cert Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) can be set up for iOS or Windows devices.

Secure email attachments

Many important documents that contain sensitive data are attached to email attachments. These attachments can be opened with any unmanaged app, shared with another device, and even backed-up on third-party cloud service providers. This could lead to data leakage. MDM ensures that email attachments remain protected after being downloaded. The MEMDM app has a built-in Document Viewer that allows secure viewing as well as the storage of important documents sent to it as attachments. Corporate data is fully sandboxed to prevent security breaches, as sharing documents to other devices and cloud services is restricted. These documents can also be accessed via other document viewers approved by your company.

Secure Exchange Access

Exchange Server is used by many organisations to manage their business email. This is why Exchange Server is always at risk from security threats. Many organisations don’t realise that they can restrict Exchange Server access at device level, despite their best efforts to limit access using firewall configurations or other security tools. MDM can limit unmanaged device access to your Exchange server to help you protect your Exchange environment.

Pre-set permissions and app configurations

Although email is the most preferred method of business communication, configuring email accounts can be time-consuming and difficult. MDM’s managed apps configurations ( iOS, Android ) greatly simplify the process. You can modify the functionality of any managed email application to meet your organisation’s requirements. The app will be distributed to devices and you can preconfigure parameters like account type, domain name and email signature so that it is ready for corporate use immediately after installation. MDM makes it easy to configure productivity apps such as IBM Verse for Android or iOS, Microsoft Outlook and Zoho Mail.

MDM allows you to preconfigure app permissions. Disable storage permission to prevent email attachments from being stored on your device. When the data permission is not essential to the app’s operation, it can be set up as user controlled. If you use the ZohoMail app to manage corporate mails, the user may be able to configure permissions to access device contacts and SMS. You can also remotely enable an app to track the device’s location.

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