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Proven Strategies Used To Attract More Business From Out Of State

Do you want to grow your business beyond what is possible in your locality? These strategies will help you achieve maximum success. Our international marketing strategy team believes the best way is to use the right platforms to please your customers.

Want to learn how? We have six proven strategies that will help you increase your out-of-state sales in just a few days. Let’s get started!

6 Proven Strategies to Attract More Outside Business

  1. Conduct Market Research

To understand the needs of your clients out of state, you must first conduct extensive market research. It will also give you ideas on how to make your products attractive to them, which can encourage them to choose you over other vendors.

  1. Use Social Media and Digital Marketing

Our international team of digital marketing strategists believes there is no greater value than using social media and digital advertising. These platforms can be used worldwide by anyone, opening up many doors to opportunity.

You can also promote your business via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also use digital marketing techniques such as email marketing and affiliate marketing.

  1. Free Shipping

It might seem odd to offer free shipping to clients who live outside your state. It can be costly for you. We don’t ask you to give free shipping all the time. You can offer your customers out of state a special shipping discount if you expand your business boundaries. This is only for a few weeks. During that week you will be able to get more clients and expand your business.

  1. Reliable Delivery Times

Due to shipping customs, there may be slight delays in delivering out of state. You should be upfront with your clients about any delays. When they shop, give them a date for delivery. This will give them confidence and prevent them from panicking about the product not arriving on time.

  1. Customer Service

To get more customers, you must now focus on customer service. To be available 24×7 for your customers to answer their questions and meet their needs, you must be available 24/7. Autobots are a great alternative to human workers if you don’t have the resources to provide such extensive customer service. They are extremely comfortable and they will provide all the assistance that they require.

  1. Adapt your website to different regions

Last but not the least, adapting the website to different regions is a great way to attract more business outside of your state. To make your customers feel more at ease, you can use translations and localization. This will make them feel more comfortable with your website and the information you provide. This will allow them to purchase from your site more easily.


You now know what you need to do to increase your out-of-state sales. To get the best results, you can contact our international digital strategy team if you need any assistance in acquiring business. Book an appointment on our website today!


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