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Things An Average Guy Needs to Know About Their Wide-Brimmed Fedora Style

A wide-brimmed hat is a fashion must-have for the upcoming season, but don’t think for a second that it’s just an accessory to complete any outfit. This year, make yours more than just a pretty decoration atop your head. It’s all in how you wear it. After all, these lofty hats can make for downright show-stopping accessories when worn right. So do you want to rock a wide-brim fedora hat? Maybe you hesitate whether it will look good or not. Whatever it is, say bye to your usual baseball and flat caps to revamp your hat fashion. Breaking up from yourregular choices can feel daunting because their short visors and humble sizes didn’t demand additional effort. However, a wide-brim hat involves you in terms of creating a style.

Here’s a brief look into the basics of mens fedora hats with wide brims for proper due diligence when shopping for the best styles to live up to your personal needs.

Fedora construction

There are several reasons why everyone considers fedoras a timeless fashion accessory. The first is the timeless silhouette of this favorite style; as a matter of fact, it looks just like a top hat but smaller and lower. The most important feature that defines an original Fedora is its brim – it’s flexible and flat, making it very easy to customize the shape to enhance your look. When choosing between the different types you have, always keep in mind what material you intend to wear (like wool felt with linen or cotton fabric).

The crease of a standard fedora hat can be two to three inches wide, slightly bent upward or downward. The hat with a fixed indented crownwith pinched sides usually used animal fur felt.There are still fur felt fedoras around, but these can be more expensive than those made with other materials. Today you also get wool felt, straw, leather, and synthetic blends.

The right hat can make all the difference in your look. Whether you’re on a hot date or hanging out with friends, a wide-brimmed fedora is a go-to style that can put something extra on your outfit and take it up to another level. But because this hat with its three to more inches wider brim claims more space on your head, you want to make sure it corresponds with your face shape and frame to look as dapper as possible.

Wide brim fedora hats for men for different face cuts

Do you worry your face is too lengthy? In that case, you can depend on a wide-brimmed fedora hat to minimize its effect by appropriating the extended facial features. Or, if you have a square face cut, which often stands up for sharp angles, you can again rely on this hat style. The wide brim will add a rounded and smooth touch to your strong square features. Another facial feature that can benefit from it is the diamond profile. Anyone with this type of shape would want a hat that comfortably sits back on their heads while creating a perfect balance between their jawlines and foreheads. With a wide brim fedora hat, you can easily attain this. The hat can make your head wide so that your jawline appears slightly narrow.

Why does a wide brim fedora look more appealing?

Wide-brim fedora hats are exceptionally versatile because you can wear them whether it’s warm or cold outside. The timeless fedora hasn’t always been that way. In the early 20th century, fashionable men used to wear these hats every day on their way to work or while they were out and about town shopping for groceries. Later on, during the mid-twentieth century, people started finding fedoras trendy once again. They have become almost a cult following in modern-day fashion due to their timeless style.

Unlike other hats with narrow brims such as baseball caps, flat caps, and trilbies, people who wear wide-brimmed hats will be able to keep their faces protected from sunlight and rain, snow, or snow wind. These hats are as helpful for blocking sun rays off your face as they keep you warm during the winter weather.

As soon as you’re ready to venture out of your comfort zone, do so slowly and in small steps. For example, purchase a gray or stone colored felt fedora hat first – it’s universally appealing because of its versatility. While one could get carried away with buying different colored hats or personalizing them with embroidery or other embellishments like feathers, don’t forget to focus on the essentials: a selection of neutral colors like black (for formal wear), brown (for light jackets & shoes), navy and gray (for darker jackets & shoes). Of course, hat-wearing doesn’t have to follow any rule, but still, play safe in the beginning before you can fully take this on in your fashion.


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