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Black Felt Hats For Men – How To Choose A Perfect Hat For Your Style? 

Every year during summers, hats come back into fashion. In past years they were the favorites of cowboys, hobo, and the like. Nowadays, it seems as though every celebrity is sporting a wide-brimmed hat that makes him or her look like they could be from any part of the world. In addition, you can get different brim sizes in your hats, from stylish, enormously big brim hats to some low-size brims.

While the big brim hats are perfect for hot summer afternoons, small brims can also give a great look to your style. There are many different types in the market, from large brim straw fedora hats to simple low brim size derby. To help you find the perfectly matching hat for your needs, some basic information about wide brim and small brim hats is shared here.

Wide Brim Hat

Wear it right, and this hat will be able to protect you from the harmful rays of the Sun. It can also be a fashion statement to your style but make sure that you choose a perfect size for your need. Wide brim hats are usually wider and offer extra protection against harmful UV rays from Sun. They can range from eight inches to eighteen inches wide. You can get a great look with black felt hat mens in the market.

Wide brim fedora hats have a very adventurous feel about them because they resemble sombreros worn by cowboys in old western movies. If you are not fond of large brims, then try some smaller ones of about eight to ten inches in size. Remember that you should try out the fit before buying it so that you do not face the problem of returning it afterward. Few best wide brim hats include:

  • Fordable Wide Brim Hats
  • Wide Brim Straw Fedora Hats
  • Cotton Bucket Hats

Small Brim Hats

They can give you the same protection as the traditional wide-brim hats, but they are not as wide, thus allowing for more versatility to your style of choice. Small brim hats are also made in different sizes and designs. They range from four inches up to seven inches, depending on the style you want and how much protection you want from the Sun’s rays.

Many people prefer small brim hats in summer because it gives them a stylish look to their look. These hats are perfect for winter days, and they give an elegant look to the wearer. They look really elegant and classy. Some small brim hats include:

  • Small Brim Panama Hats
  • Cocktail Hat Small Brim
  • Fedoras

With so many choices in the market, it can be hard to choose the best hat for you. But no worries because all you need to do is consider the type of hat that gives you maximum protection from the Sun’s rays and has a size that matches your style and personality. Happy shopping!

Best Wide Brim Hats For Summer

Summer is almost here, and everyone is looking forward to spending their time at beaches. You can enjoy wearing wide brim hats in the Sun, and your outfit can look fabulous as well. We have prepared awesome wide brim hats for summer to ensure that you will get the best out of your hat.

  • The Kaftan Hat – This is a unique hat design and features an exceptional scarf that acts as a turban. It is available in five sizes, from small to extra large, and has a crown height of 1 1/4 inches and crown width of 4 3/4 inches. It contains cotton material with two burnished front bands of brass metals on either side of the band. This is the perfect hat that can give you the style, flair, and coolness you need during summer days.


  • Wide Brim Straw fedora Hats – It has a wide brim of about eight inches, which is perfect for keeping the Sun’s rays out of your eyes. This hat is wide-brimmed and made of straw to give a lightweight feel and comfort. It has a crown height of 1 1/4 inches and a crown width of 5 3/8 inches. The hat is available in colors: black, white and navy blue. The hat is available in colors: black and white.
  • Wide Brim Panama Hats – This super stylish hat has a six-inch brim that gives a great sense of style. This hat will keep you cool during the summer days since it contains four ounces of feather-down insulation inside it. In addition, the hat has two decorative side buttons with a wider crown on the front that is a blue yarn woven through the front band and buttonholes for added flair. The hat has two front buttons with decorative side buttons on either side for added flair.

If you plan to enjoy summer vacation by sunbathing on the beach, then wide brim hats are worth investing in. The hats, as mentioned earlier, will provide you with the best style and fit! You can get a cool and fashionable look.


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