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Nintendo Fandom Who really discovered?

The Pappy Van Poodle’s History

Pappy Van Pug is the original character and onlt from the free 3DS mini games Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, which was released in 2012. All of this game was unknown until 2018, when people discovered that the character existed. The YouTuber Nick Robinson uploaded the video on the Pappy Van Pug. It was viewed over 3,000,000 times by users until October 2019.

Rusty reveals the existence of a nintendo-like character in this Pappy Van Puppy. However, we must pay the shop owner to get the app.

Pappy Van Pug is like a mentor to the Rusty. He has been there for him through all of his difficulties. This character is only available in certain circumstances.

The game’s uniqueness is that you can negotiate the price with Rusty (the shop owner). The majority of players have paid 4$ less than they were told the first time, but this character will only be yours if you have the entire amount. You will see the Pappy Van Puppy at the end of the game. He will give Rusty the item you promised.

Personality of the Pappy Van Puppy

We have already mentioned that Pappy Van Poodle is the only character in Rusty‚Äôs Real Deal Baseball. Rusty mentions Pappy Van Pugoodle only a few times throughout the gae. However, it doesn’t appear unless the circumstances are very specific. Rusty even had Pappy Van Poodle as a mentor.


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