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Netflix is not working on Roku [ Solution ]

What person doesn’t love Netflix? And watching Netflix on a bigger screen is even better. Roku allows you to watch Netflix on a larger screen. You may not be able to open Roku every time and enjoy your favorite Netflix shows. Sometimes Netflix will not work on Roku. This article is likely to be of help to you.

TechRim can help you resolve your Netflix Roku issue. Understanding the root cause of the problem is key to making it easy to fix.

Roku is not compatible with Netflix:

Netflix may not work properly in Roku for a variety of reasons. Below are some possible reasons. These are the reasons why Netflix won’t work on Roku. The solution to each problem will be posted in the Solution Section below. Once you have identified the problem, scroll down to the solution section. This video shows you how to watch Twitch on Roku.

This article will explain why Netflix is not working on Roku.

  • Here are some reasons why Netflix won’t work on Roku.
  • Your Netflix subscription has ended.
  • Your Roku has a Network Issue
  • Netflix is not up-to-date
  • Your Roku system has not been updated
  • Roku has a mysterious problem
  • Roku Roku Netflix Solutions

You now know the reasons why Netflix does not work in Roku. It is easy to find the solutions to Netflix not working in Roku. Follow each step one at a time. Each of these issues will be addressed in detail. We’ll start with the mysterious Roku issue and then move on to the first issue: checking your Netflix subscription.

Solution 1: Restart Roku

Turning off your Roku and on is the first step in solving Netflix not working with Roku. This will most likely solve your Roku issue. Try turning off your Roku and then on again. After turning off your Roku, wait at least 30 seconds before turning it on again.

You can also restart Roku via Settings – System, and selecting System restart.

Once your Roku has been turned on, check that Netflix is working. Now you can open Netflix without any issues.

You can see how easy it is to fix the Netflix not working with Roku issue by simply restarting Roku. If you still have problems with Netflix, we recommend solution number 2.

Solution 2: Update Roku

Some applications are designed for specific versions of software. Sometimes, the Netflix version you’re trying to install may not work with the Roku version you are currently using. This is why Netflix may not work on Roku. It’s like giving iPhone 12 pro a 1930s person. (It is hard to find people in 1930s, but imagine what they would do with the iPhone.

It is easy to update the Roku software. Just follow these steps:

Click on the “Home icon” button in your Roku Tv remote.

You will find different menus on the left sidebar of your TV screen. Click on the down arrow to go to the “Settings” menu.

Once you’ve reached the Setting, click on the right arrow. There are many settings for your Roku. Click on “System”.

Once you have logged into System, click the right arrow on your remote to go to “System Update”.

Once you have selected System Update, tap the “OK” button on your remote.

As you can see, it will say “Check Now”, as shown in the screenshot. Tap again on “OK” to search for system updates.

You will be able to download and install any updates to your Roku system. You can update your Roku if you see any updates.

The Netflix not working with Roku issue should now be resolved. If the problem persists, you can move to solution number 3.

Solution 3: Update Netflix App

We have already mentioned in Solution 2 how an outdated version of the Roku software could cause problems. The same goes for Netflix. You should also check for updates to the Netflix App. Follow these steps to check for updates:

Search for Netflix on your Roku.

After you have found Netflix, tap “Option” on your remote. It will look like a star symbol.

You will be presented with a variety of options after you tap on an option. You can choose from the available options and then tap “Check for Updates” on your remote.

You will be notified if there has been an update to the Netflix app. Simply update your Netflix App and start watching Netflix.

Solution 4: Add the channel again

You should delete the Netflix channel and add it again if there are no updates in the Netflix app.

We won’t go into detail as we assume you already know how add Netflix to your Roku.

Solution 5: Look for Network Setting

Network issues are the most frequent reason Netflix doesn’t work on Roku.

Network issues can refer to any problem with your connection, VPN, or both, if you connect via VPN.

You can disconnect VPN connections and reconnect. This should resolve the problem. You can also check your Roku’s internet connection.

Scroll down from the home screen and click on the Settings menu. (All steps explained in Solution number 2

Scroll down to the Network option. This will allow you to verify that your Roku TV or streaming stick is still connected to the internet.

To check if it is, click on the Check Connection button.

Network issues can be solved by switching from Wireless to Wired networks and connecting via LAN cable.

Solution 6: Clearing the cache

Clearing cache is the last resort if nothing else has worked. Sometimes cache can make strange errors. Clearing cache is Roku is easy.

The following combination can be used to clear your Roku device’s cache:

After you’ve entered the combination, wait for Roku to clear cache.

After clearing the cache, Netflix should work on Roku again


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