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How to Post a Video on Steam [ Complete Solution ]

Ever wondered how to post videos on steam? Let’s learn more.

Steam is the place to go for discussion about creating and playing video games. There are nearly 30,000 games to choose from, so we have access to exclusive deals and regular game updates. It is a digital platform to distribute a large amount of pc gaming products.

This allows users to download games straight to their drives, after they have been purchased. Initial Steam apps were designed for MS Windows Operating system. Later MacOS, Linux versions and later mobile apps for android IOS/Windows phones were also available. It features community features, such as chats, groups, friends, chats and in-game voice. It allows gamers to share their games and encourages collaboration with other gamers.

It hosts many games and has a large community. Steam users can create a video, review games, and buy them. They can also share their videos with friends and get automatic updates on new games.

Technical errors and crashes are common due to the sheer volume of players online. Steam created this online platform to fix this problem. You can trade or gift items to other members of the steam community (groups and friends). You can upload your artwork, your own creations or videos.

How do you post a video to steam? [ Complete Guide]

There are many different ways to post videos online. The largest digital gaming platform in the world, steam, also allows you to post videos. Although posting a video to steam is simple, unfortunately you cannot do this directly from your computer. Uploading a video to steam is easy. All you have to do is use your YouTube account. The following steps should all be taken:

  1. Open a browser from your computer or mobile device. If you don’t have one, create your youtube account. If you have an account already, you can continue to use it.
  2. Upload a video that you have made on YouTube from the video upload feature. Your videos should be set to public privacy.
  3. Install the steam application and set up your steam account.
  4. This will allow you to connect your YouTube account to your Steam account. Go to the steam app and click the videos tab. Then, click the link to your Youtube account.
    Link to Youtube Account
  5. The new page will open. On that page, click the Allow access to YouTube videos button. You will then be asked to log into your youtube channel. You can access the youtube videos you’ve uploaded to steam by connecting your account to steam.
  6. You can upload your most favorite videos from your YouTube channel to your steam profile. This is possible on both mac & pc.
  7. To add videos, click on “Add Video” and then select the videos that you wish to add.
  8. Finally, your videos are added to your steam account.
  9. Access to these videos is possible by going to your account. You will see the videos button on the right side of your computer. This will allow you to access the videos you have just added.



You can upload videos, and you can also indicate which game is featured in the videos. This makes it easier for friends and users to view your videos, and allow them to enjoy them. I hope you found it useful. Keep sharing the videos with your friends and groups. Enjoy posting! Also, read: Verify Integrity of Game Files On Steam


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