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How to get unbanned by KissAnime

Kissanime is an American website which streams anime videos and shows free of charge. It is loved by anime fans. It is accessible from both your computer as well as your mobile device.

High-quality anime will be offered in both dubbed and undubbed versions. High-Definition format is the most used for many of these shows. You can also view anime shows online by visiting this website. This site is an alternative of simplyaweeb.

Types and types of user accounts

Kissanime offers two types of accounts: the premium and the free. Premium quality users have ad-free sessions.

The free version shows a few ads, while users watch. You may find some ads offensive and may have to ban the account.

Can you ban your account?

Kissanime could ban you from trying to remove them.

Depending on what type of account you have the ban could be temporary or permanent. Let’s learn more.

  • Ad-Block:

Kissanime may block you if your attempt to block advertisements without a premium membership is unsuccessful. Ad Blocking can occur without your knowledge. However, your AdBlock feature is activated in your browser. You can disable AdBlock in Chrome, Safari or Mozilla browsers.

  • UBlock:

Unofficial or third-party websites may be used to reach Kissanime. Unblock websites can also ban you.

Tips To Get Unbanned:

It is possible for a ban to last for a different amount of time depending on what type of account it is. However, it does not necessarily have to stay in place forever. These are some ways to get your ban lifted.

Avoid unofficial apps:

Kissanime is not permitted to access third-party apps and websites. Always visit the official website. Kissanime is to be used with caution.

Unblock Ads

AdBlock must be disabled if it is set as default. Kissanime is a company that makes money from advertising and will ban anyone who attempts to disable them. You will need to disable AdBlock when you create your Kissanime profile.

Try a Different Browser

You can access your Kissanime account using a different browser. You must deactivate the VPN for that browser.


You will be able to access your Kissanime Account after you have cleared all cookies. This can help you be How to Get Unbanned on Omegle. Clearing cookies means that all browsing data must be deleted and clearing cookies enabled. You can manually search for the Kissanime Cookie to be deleted.

Open A New Account:

If these hacks don’t work, you can open a brand new account. It is possible that your account has been permanently blocked. If this happens, you can sign up again. Enjoy your favorite anime shows.

KissAnime Collection

Kissanime has many anime videos. New anime releases are also available on Kissanime. You have many options.

  • Home:

The most popular videos can be found under Home. This page will be the first page you see upon visiting the site. This page lists the most recent shows. This page gives all the information required. You will also find many subheadings, including new releases and seasons.

  • Liste Of Anime Series

The homepage displays an anime list. You can type the first letter in the title of the anime and select from the list. This will enable you to locate anime films. Online anime movies can be downloaded or viewed.

  • New Season

The New Season option lets you search for new episodes in anime series. This option will also show you new anime. This option is ideal if your goal is to find something new.


Kissanime is an online streaming anime site. They offer the best series as well as movies. There are many options. There are two versions: the premium and the free. We trust this article was helpful.


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