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How to get unbanned by KissAnime

Kissanime is an American website that streams anime videos for free. Fans of anime love this site. This site can be accessed from your computer or your mobile phone.

High-quality anime will also be available in non-dubbed versions. Most shows can be viewed in high-definition. To view anime shows online, you can also access the project-free website TV. This site can also be used in place of Kissanime.

Types of user accounts

Kissanime has two versions of accounts. The premium version is available and the free one. Premium users receive ad-free sessions, and the option to register.

While users are watching, the free version will display a few ads. Some ads might be disturbing to you and you may need to ban your account to get rid of them.

Can your account be banned?

Kissanime can ban you if you try to remove them.

The ban can be temporary or permanent depending on the type of account. Let’s find out more.


Kissanime will block your attempts to block ads that are not enabled by a premium subscription. Adblocking can occur without you being aware, but your AdBlock option in your browser is activated. Disable AdBlock if you are using Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, or any other browser.


You might be banned if you use third-party or unofficial websites to reach Kissanime. Ublock websites can also ban you.

Tips To Get Unbanned:

The length of a ban depends on the type of account, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. These are some tips that will help you get out of a ban.

Avoid unofficial apps

Kissanime does not allow third-party websites or apps to be accessed. Always visit the official website. Kissanime should be used with caution.

Unblock Ads

If AdBlock is enabled by default, you must disable it. Kissanime earns its money through ads. If you try to disable them, you will be banned. You will be asked to disable AdBlock in your browser when you create your Kissanime Account.

Use a different browsers

To access your Kissanime account, use a different browser. Make sure to deactivate your VPN in the browser.

Clear Cookies

You can now access your Kissanime account after clearing all cookies. This may allow you to be unbanned from Kissanime. Clearing cookies requires you to delete all browsing data and allow clearing cookies. To delete the Kissanime cookie manually, you can search for it manually.

Open A New Account:

If any of these hacks do not work, you can still open a new bank account. Your account might be blocked permanently. Sign up again in this instance. Enjoy your favorite anime series.

KissAnime Collection

Kissanime offers a large selection of anime videos. There are also new anime releases. Users have many choices.


The most popular videos can be found under Home. This page is what you will see the first time you visit the site. This page shows the most recent shows. This page contains all the information needed to make an informed decision. You can also find subheadings under home such as new releases or new seasons.

List of anime series:

The homepage displays the entire anime list. Enter the first letter of an anime title to find the right option. This will allow you to find anime movies. Online, you can download and watch anime movies.

New Season

You can search for new episodes of anime series by selecting the New Season option. This option will also recommend new anime. This is a great option if you’re looking for something completely new.


Kissanime is the most popular online anime streaming site. They have the best movies and series. There are many choices. Both the premium and free versions are available. We hope you found this article helpful.


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