Hometips and tricksHow to get a free Netflix account (100% off 2018)

How to get a free Netflix account (100% off 2018)

We have previously discussed how to create a Lynda account for free. This article will discuss how to get a free Netflix account. You can also say, how to get Netflix access for free.



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This trick will allow you to get a Netflix premium account free of charge. You will have full access to Netflix if you follow the steps.

Here are the steps to getting a free Netflix account

First Step: Download the Google Chrome Store Cookie Editor.

2nd Step: Go to http://mycookiesfree.com and Click on Cookies Netflix Recent date. Third Step: Click on any Click Here. To get cookie, you will need to solve a few captchas. The cookies will look like this:

Fourth Step: Copy all cookies by pressing Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C.

5th Step: Once you have copied the cookies, go to Netflix official site.

6th Step: Next, click on EditThis Cookie icon located in the upper right corner.

7th Step: Click on the delete button to delete the cookie and then click on import cookie.

8th and final Step: Copy the cookie cookie you copied in Step 4. Click on tick mark to paste it. Reload the page after that. You will see that you have logged into Netflix after reloading.

This trick will not work if you don’t use the latest cookies. Cookies can also be searched from other websites.


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