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No matter what type of article you’re reading, any article is free to read. Websites may have asked us to renew our subscriptions. We’ve all been there. These are just a few of the ways you can get around it.


We will be bypassing their subscriptions by using a Chrome extension, Firefox, or other browser. If they use paywalls for their payment gateway or other cookies cookies tricks,

This is a brief summary of the article. Below is the complete process.

Free Articles

Metod 1 : Plugin Bypass

We will use a plug-in to bypass the subscribe/to-read function on all sites that use Newspaper themes.

You can also read : Get a FREE Newspaper Theme.

Sites Accepted By This Method

Baltimore Sun (baltimoresun.com )

Barron’s (barrons.com )

Bloomberg ( Bloomberg.com).

Caixin (caixinglobal.com).

Chemical & Engineering News – cen.acs.org

Central Western Daily (central Western Daily.com.au).

Chicago Tribune ( chicagotribune.com).

Crain’s Chicago Business (chicagobusiness.com)

Corriere Della Sera (corriere.it)

Daily Press ( Dailypress.com

Denver Post (denverpost.com)

De Tijd (tijd.be)

de Volkskrant (volkskrant.nl)

The Economist (economic.com).

Examiner (examiner.com.au)

Financial Times (ft.com 3)

Foreign Policy (foreignpolicy.com)

Glassdoor (glassdoor.com)

Haaretz (haaretz.co.il / haartz.com )

Handelsblatt (handelsblatt.com)

Hartford Courant (courant.com)

Harvard Business Review ( http://hbr.org/ )

MIT Technology Review (technologyreview.com )

Mountain View Voice (mv-voice.com)

National Post ( Nationalpost.com

New Statesman (newstatesman.com).

New York Magazine (nymag.com).

Nikkei Asian Review (asia.nikkei.com)

NRC (nrc.nl).

Orange County Register ( www.ocregister.com)

Orlando Sentinel (orlandosenel.com)

tinPalo Alto Online (palo alto oncom )

line.Quora (quora.com )

SunSentinel (sun-sentinel.com)

Tech in Asia ( techinasia.com)

The Advocate (theadvocate.com.au).

The Age (theage.com.au).

The Australian (theaustralian.com.au)

The Australian Financial Review (at www.afr.com).

The Boston Globe ( Bostonglobe.com).

The Globe and Mail (theglobeandmail.com)

The Herald (the Herald.com.au).

The Japan Times (japantimes.co.jp).

TheMarker ( www.themarker.com ).

The Mercury News ( Mercurynews.com).

The Morning Call ( Mcall.com).

The Nation (thereation.com).

The New York Times ( www.nytimes.com).

The New Yorker ( Newyorker.com).

The News-Gazette – News-gazette.com

The Saturday Paper (the Saturday Paper.com.au)

The Spectator, www.spectator.co.uk

The Business Journals ( www.bizjournals.com).

The Seattle Times ( Seattletimes.com).

The Sydney Morning Herald (smh.com.au).

The Telegraph ( Telegraph.co.uk).

The Times ( TheTimes.co.uk

The Toronto Star ( Thestar.com ).

The Washington Post ( Washingtonpost.com).

The Wall Street Journal (www.wsj.com).

Towards Data Science (towardsdatascience.com)

Vanity Fair ( vanityfair.com).

Wired (wired.com


  1. Download the extension source to Github and extract it to your computer. You can also read any article free of charge
    For Chrome: https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-chrome
    For Mozilla : https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-firefox/
    Opera is what I am using for this tutorial. Chrome extension will suffice.
  2. Go to Extension Setting in Your Browser.

    Every article is available for free

  3. Let the developer mode work

    Every article is available for free

  4. Click on Load Unpacked.

    Every article is available for free

  5. Click on the Source file you have just extracted. Select all sites then click on Done.

    Every article is available for free

  6. Now, go to the websites that require payment. The payment system can now be bypassed.

This is the proof that the extension was made on a site not being used.

Without using PluginBy Using the Plugin

Video Tutorial:

This video explains it all:

Clearing Cookies Method 2

Many sites only offer a small number of articles and then charge for access to medium-length articles. You can prevent this by clearing cookies and using vpn. This works well on many sites, including The New York Times. This is the easiest and most effective way to bypass any paywall. This is a simple process. Nearly all browsers have an Incognito option. You can browse the Incognito windows without saving your history.

Method 3: Using an app from a third party

outline.com is your source for prime articles in unlimited quantities. It also bypasses any newspaper paywall.

Every article is available for free

  1. Visit Outline.com
  2. Open NewYork Times. Access to any site without a paywall is possible.
  3. Copy the link below.
  4. Copy it and paste it in the Outline.com search field
  5. Click enter.
  6. You can now access unlimited articles absolutely free.

To bypass the subscribe to see function, you can do this. For more amazing posts, keep visiting us.


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