HomenewsSylvia Reviews: What is Syltia.com exactly?

Sylvia Reviews: What is Syltia.com exactly?

Are you bored of your current tops Have you ever thought about getting something new and trendy? Syltia has all the fashion needs.

Syltia, an internet shop located in the United States. This is a fashion shop that sells tops, bottoms, and dresses for women. There are many options for tops, including camo, tank and dresses. You can also choose from two-piece sets.

But, before you spend your hard-earned money here, please read this Syltia Review.


Syltia, an United States online clothing shop for women, is called. Syltia offers a wide selection of clothing for women.

  • Mini dress with short sleeves
  • Top with deep dive print
  • Casual long-sleeve shirt
  • Top with V-neck and sleevesless sleeves
  • Vintage V-neck Top
  • Sweaters (printed and knitted).
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets and coats
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Jumpsuits, 2-piece sets, and 2-piece ensembles

Any website that claims it is legitimate should be avoided. They may try to steal your personal information. This article will tell you the truth about Is Syltia Legit.

Features by Syltia

During a search on the website, we came across these features:

  • Buy women’s clothes at https://www.syltia.com
  • Buy designer tops
  • Find sweaters and dresses.
  • Contact details: syltia@forbestmail.com
  • Address or credit card company – XBP International ltd. 145–147 St. John Street London England
  • The official address is not listed on the website.
  • There are many social media handles. (https://www.instagram.com/syltia_show/
  • Shipping and Return Policy
  • All orders over 79$ qualify to receive free shipping
  • Shipping with UPS or FED-EX
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the cancellation date will be refunded up to 50%. Cancellations made after this time will incur an additional 10% charge
  • Returns accepted within 30 days of delivery
  • Return damaged items no later than seven days from receipt.
  • Other websites may also offer mixed Syltia ratings.
  • Privacy policy
  • Device data including I.P addresses, location, and device data are kept.
  • Shopify and other partners may share data.
  • It can be changed at any time.
  • Customers can withdraw their consent to advertising at any time. at any time.

Positive highlights

  • This site offers a variety of products.
  • Official website addresses privacy, shipping, return policy and proper privacy.
  • You can find FAQ pages as well as Track Order.
  • Reviews may also be available on other websites.

Is Syltia Legit?

  • The website was created on 16/03/2021, but it is still young and doesn’t instill trust.
  • Trust ranking for this website is extremely low at 1%. It also receives very little traffic.
  • You might find mixed reviews on websites from other platforms.
  • It is not the actual address of the credit card company, but its office.
  • It is poorly designed.
  • Social media handles are still fairly new and receive low engagement.


Syltia was registered on 16/03/2021. This is a new registration but it is not always reliable. We have also discussed other aspects of this topic below:

  • Site functionality All links, buttons, and buttons on your home page work correctly.
  • Trust ranking This trust ranking highlights the website’s fraudulent nature.
  • Online Reviews – The majority of Syltia’s web-based reviews are mixed.
  • Privacy & security: While privacy is said to be secure, data is shared with websites.
  • Social networking There are no social media connections, but there is limited engagement.
  • Design This website’s homepage is poorly designed.

These are all reasons to not trust Syltia with your money. Syltia’s business foundation is weak, and there are many unanswered questions.


On the official website, customers can leave product reviews. Only a few products have them. It seems less likely because all of the reviews are positive. Social media did not have any substantial reviews. Syltia Reviews were found while surfing the Internet. They were however not conclusive and did not provide solid proof of the legitimacy.

Final Summary

Syltia is a store that was registered just March 16, 2021. It has very little traffic. It has the lowest trust ranking of 1%, which reduces trust. Its engagement and social media handles are still very low. Very few product reviews are available. Syltia Reviews can also be found on some websites. This doesn’t prove its legitimacy. It is impossible to locate the address of the office.

Syltia is not to be trusted and should not ever be bought.


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