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Gary Michael Hilton Tape Masque

Gary Michael Hilton was a serial killer who committed murder in the National Forest. He was convicted in 2007. To raise awareness about Hilton’s crimes, we share some of the most important moments from his life.

His crimes are so numerous, both Americans and Canadians are shocked at Cheryl Dunlap’s death. Cheryl Dunlap, a Florida teacher of 46 years, was murdered because of him.

Find out more about Gary Michael Hilton Tape Mask and the clothes Gary wore to save him from the crime scene.

A few words about Gary Michael Hilton

Gary Michael Hilton, a serial killer who dumps bodies of victims into the National Forest in Florida. So far, four of his cases are reported. He also killed many innocent people. It’s absurd that he was convicted for murdering six people in national forests.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for Meredith Emerson’s death in 2008. Investigators and police began investigating cases that had not been opened. The Gary Michael Hilton Tape Mask was not identified by police.

The main motivation for killing people was to loot their money. He is also a victim of his stepfather. He killed him because he was jealous. He was thus identified as having a mental disorder.

Cheryl Dunlap’s case

She was 46 years of age and was a Sunday school teacher. She had two children. Mrs. Dunlap started hiking in the Apalachicola forest at 9am. Unfortunately, she never returned. After the investigation, the most important facts were found.

* Cheryl may not be available for Sunday School if the people file missing persons reports.

* Gary Michael Hilton Tape Mask, gloves and a hat helped him hide his identity from the police.

After three days, her car was finally located outside the state forest.

* Gary Hilton withdraws funds.

* A National Forest hunter confirmed that he saw a Hilton with a knife, a van in white, and a saw.

* Hilton was not authenticated by an earlier forest worker who recorded the van number. This was the main reason Hilton was present on the day of the crime.

These details were vital in assisting police to locate the accused.

Gary Michael Hilton Tape Mask: Was that you?

After the murder, it was unsafe to move freely in public places. He covered his face with gloves, a rubber mask and a hat. He also wore glasses and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

He set fire to Cheryl’s head. He stole all of her money from an ATM and wiped her bank account. He used masking tape to hide his identity.


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