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Spotify keeps crashing – Why? 5 Easy Solutions

Spotify is a music streaming platform that you probably know if you like listening to music. Spotify is the best music streaming service. You can listen to nearly every song on Spotify. Spotify can play almost any song, but sometimes it gets annoying. For example, Spotify will keep pausing while you listen to your favourite artist.

right? This article is for you if you’re also experiencing the same problem. We will show you how to fix Spotify’s “stumble-up” problem and the causes.

Table of Contents1. Why is Spotify unable to stop? Spotify keeps pausing2.1. Solution 1: Search for Spotify Server2.2. Solution 2: Sign out of everywhere2.3. Solution 3: Restart your device2.4. Solution 4: Turn off Data Saving and Power Saving Mode 2.5 Solution 5: Updating your software Final words

Why does Spotify keep crashing?

Spotify may keep pausing for a variety of reasons. Some could be due to device problems or cache. Here is a list of possible reasons Spotify may keep pausing.

  1. Spotify Server Problem
  2. Poor Internet Connection
  3. Multiple devices can be used for accounts
  4. Invalid Application
  5. Caches that aren’t wanted
  6. Power Saving Mode

Solutions for Spotify keeps pinning

We have listed all possible reasons Spotify might pause suddenly. Let’s now discuss the possible solutions. Spotify may have different reasons why it keeps crashing. We will discuss the solutions so you don’t need to go to different websites.

Solution 1: Check for Spotify Server

Sometimes Spotify servers can get overwhelmed or technical issues arise that cause your Spotify account’s suspension and other problems. Before you do anything on your computer, make sure there isn’t any issue with Spotify. You might be wondering how to check if Spotify is working properly. 

  1. Spotify
  2. Spotify Board

Spotify users can report any issues on this website.

Spotify continues to pause – Spotify Twitter Page

Below are some errors that the Spotify server may have made. Spotify will stop working if this happens. After they have fixed the issue, you can check that Spotify is working again.

If Spotify is still causing Spotify to pause randomly, it’s not the server’s problem.

Solution 2 – Sign In to Everywhere

You may have heard of Netflix device restrictions if you use Netflix. The limitation was placed so that there won’t be overload in your account. Your Spotify account does not have such a limitation. Spotify allows you to log in to as many devices and devices as you like. This can cause your account to behave strangely if there is an overload. You can check if this is the issue or not by simply logging out of your account. We have provided the steps below.

  2. After you log in to your account, scroll down until you see ” Sign up for everywhere

    Sign up for everywhere
  3. Check your Spotify account by logging in.

Most readers have found this method to be effective. We can also use some common and basic troubleshooting methods if this method doesn’t work. We will now show you the steps of basic troubleshooting.

Solution 3: Restart your device

You should restart your device if you haven’t already. Many problems can be solved by restarting it. If your device ever experiences a strange problem, the best thing to do is to reset it and see if the problem has been solved.

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You can try another solution if you still have the same problem.

Solution 4 – Disable Data Saving Mode

Each day, the devices get smarter. To prevent damage to mobile batteries, chargers on mobile phones will stop charging when the device reaches 100%. They may also cause Spotify to keep the “Pausing” problem, which will prevent you from using too much data or power. If they are enabled, you will need to disable them from your device. They can be disabled from the notification bar on Android and iPhone.

Spotify keeps pausing

Solution 5 – Update your Software

We keep repeating the fact that outdated software can cause various errors. You need to ensure that all your software is up-to-date. It is important to update both your Spotify app and your system software.

Final Words

These solutions should resolve your problem. If the problem persists, you can restart your router or switch from mobile data to WiFi or mobile data to mobile data.


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