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How to Get Unbanned from KissAnime

Kissanime, an American website that streams anime videos and shows for free, is called Kissanime. It is a favourite among anime fans. You can access this site from both your computer and your mobile phone.

High-quality anime will be available in both dubbed as well as non-dubbed versions. High-Definition is the most common format for many of these shows. You can also use this website project-free TV to view anime shows online. This site can be used as an alternative to Kissanime.

Table of Contents1. Types of user accounts: Can Your Account Be Banned? Tips To Get Unbanned:4. KissAnime Collection: Conclusion

Types of User Accounts:

Kissanime offers two types of accounts: the premium version and the free version. Premium quality users get ad-free sessions and optional registration.

The free version will show a few ads while users watch. You might find some of the ads disturbing and you may have to ban your account if you try to remove them.

Can Your Account Be Banned?

If you attempt to remove them, Kissanime may ban you.

Depending on which type of account you have, the ban may be either temporary or permanent. Let’s now learn more.

  • Ad-Block:

Kissanime will block you if you attempt to block ads without a premium subscription. Ad Blocking may occur without your knowledge, however your AdBlock option is enabled in your browser. If you use Chrome, Safari, Mozilla or other browsers, disable the AdBlock feature.

  • UBlock:

If you use unofficial or third-party websites to reach Kissanime, you might be blocked. You can also be banned by Unblock sites.

Tips To Get Unbanned:

The duration of a ban will vary depending on which type of account it is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s permanent. These are some tips to help you get unbanned.

Avoid unofficial apps:

Third-party apps or websites are not allowed to be accessed by Kissanime. Always visit the official website and apps. Use Kissanime with caution.

Unblock Ads

You must disable AdBlock if it is enabled by default in your browser. Kissanime makes its money from ads and will ban you if you attempt to disable them. When you create your Kissanime account you will be asked to disable the AdBlock feature in your browser.

Use a Different Browser:

Use a different browser to access your Kissanime account. Remember to deactivate the VPN in that browser.

Clear cookies:

After clearing all cookies, you can access your Kissanime account. This could help you to be unbanned by Kissanime. Clearing cookies requires that you delete all browsing data and enable clearing cookies. You can search manually for the Kissanime cookie to be deleted.

Open A New Account:

You can open a new account if any of these hacks fail to work. You might find that your account is blocked permanently. In that case, you can sign up again. Enjoy your favorite anime shows.

KissAnime Collection

Kissanime has a wide selection of anime videos, including old and new. You can also find new anime releases. There are many options available to users.

  • Home:

The most popular videos are under Home. This page is the first you see when you go to the site. This page displays the most recent shows. This page provides all information to the user. There are many other subheadings that you can find under home, such as new releases and new seasons.

  • List Of Anime Series:

The homepage displays the anime list. You can enter the first letter of the anime title and choose from there. This allows you to locate anime movies. You can also download or watch anime movies online.

  • New Season:

A separate New Season option allows you to search for new episodes of anime series. This option will also suggest new anime. This option is great if you are looking for something new.


Kissanime is the best online anime streaming site. They offer the best series and movies. There are many options. The premium and the free versions are available. 


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