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How to Get PS4 Web browser [ Complete Guide]

In 2021, the PlayStation 4 will still be a popular console. Although the next-generation PS5 was recently released, the PS4 is still a great console.

The vast catalogue of games is not the only reason the PS4 can be used as a video streaming device or web browser on your TV. The PS4 can transform any TV into a Smart TV with these features.

This guide will help you get started if you have never used the web browser on your PS4 or don’t know how to use it. You’ll soon be browsing the web from your sofa using your PS4.

Table of Contents1. PS4 Web Browser 2. To browse the Internet using your PS4 Web browser The Essential Functions of Your PS4 Web Browser Safety, security, and options4.1. PS4 on the Internet? No sweat!

PS4 Web Browser: Open the Door to the Web 

Most people associate gaming consoles with playing games. Modern consoles can do much more than just gaming. Other multimedia capabilities were available on consoles of the previous generation, such as the WiiU and PS3, as well as Xbox 360 and PS3.

The PlayStation 4 continues to build on the success of previous consoles and offers a wider range of features. The updated web browser allows you to surf the internet comfortably on the large screen without the need for another device.

Although it might seem strange to surf the internet with your console, there are many benefits. The PS4 browser makes it possible to search the web without having to use your tablet or phone. Instead of using another device to download media, such as photos, you can directly download them to the console.

Use Your PS4 Web Browser To Browse the Internet

It is easy to use your PlayStation 4 for browsing the internet. There is no need to download additional software; the web browser is already part of the operating system.

Turn on your PS4 to start the process. Wait for the system menu load. You may not see the internet browser on your home screen if you have been playing many games. These steps will help you start the browser:

  • Scroll down your activity list until you see the Library. Then, press X.
  • You will find a list of software categories in the Library. Scroll down to highlight Applications and then press X.
  • Scroll down the list of applications to highlight Internet browsers. Then press X again to launch the software.

The Essential Functions of the PS4 Web Browser

The PlayStation 4 web browser has a surprising amount of features compared to other consoles. Multiple windows, bookmarks and view zooming are all possible.

Switch between windows by pressing L2 or R2. You can zoom in with R3, or enter fullscreen mode using.

Safety, Security and Options

A console is more secure than a computer for browsing the internet because it stores less sensitive data. People don’t usually access online banking via their gaming devices.

Modern consoles still have some payment and password information. You should be aware of these precautions. To access the browser settings screen, use the Options option in the PS4 browser. You can clear your browsing history or toggle Javascript on/off from here.

Javascript is one the most popular ways to attack casual web browsers. Javascript is essential for certain websites to function. However, it can be disabled to increase browser security.

If you’d like to know how to disable Javascript for other browsers and platforms, visit https://www.enablejavascript.io for easy step-by-step instructions.

PS4 on the Internet? No sweat!

These simple steps will allow you to surf the internet on your PS4 securely, quickly, and easily. Your console is now more than a gaming machine. It’s a media powerhouse. Enjoy browsing!


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