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Why is Chevy’s engine power reduced warning?

Early model year owners of the 9th and 1st generation Cruzes have been receiving a lot of warning messages. These messages tell them that their car’s “Engine power is reduced” and can cause a rapid loss of acceleration.

As this Malibu owner in 2016 can attest, it’s dangerous.

My car can suddenly lose power, almost causing me a rear-end collision. It’s horrible and dangerous. I’ve asked Chevy dealers about recalls. I was charged almost $500 to have it checked out by them.

What is the trigger for the Warning Message?

This issue is likely to be due to problems in the accelerator pedal and electronic throttle controls. The cable that used to connect the throttle and accelerator pedal in older drive-by-cable systems is no longer necessary. A complex web of sensors, electronic control units (ECUs) replaces them. A drive-by-wire system does this.

Although these systems are newer, they have some disadvantages. They are also known to cause delayed acceleration.

These error codes are often accompanied with warnings

Here are some common errors for the pedal position sensors

Code P0122 means that the Switch A Circuit is Low at the throttle position sensor

Code P0223 means that the Switch B Circuit in the throttle position sensor is high.

Code P2138 means that there is a problem in the D or E circuits of throttle position sensor

Malibu Accelerator Sensor Lawsuits

The electronic throttle controls and the accelerator pedal position sensor are designed to last for the life of the vehicle. GM has not responded to this problem. Owners are often left to pay for any repairs, even if an error code is triggered or points to a particular defect.

Multiple lawsuits are being filed against the automaker. The plaintiffs claim that their cars pose a danger to others and themselves.

Investigation of another possible class-action lawsuit

Migliaccio & Rathod, a law firm, is currently investigating engine power reduction issues in the 2016-2019 Chevy Malibu and 2017-2018 Buick LaCrosse. This problem is likely to be caused by a defective accelerator pedal sensor.

Please click here to contact Migliaccio & Rathod if your Chevy vehicle has suffered reduced engine power issues.

There is a lawsuit pending over this problem

This problem has already been the subject of lawsuits. These are often class-action lawsuits that seek to protect a specific group of owners. To learn more and see if settlements are possible, click on the lawsuit.

Reports from Generations on This Problem

This issue has been reported in all subsequent Chevrolet models.

The majority of years in a generation share the exact same parts and manufacturing processes. It is also possible to expect them sharing the same problems. It may not be an issue in every year, but it is worth keeping an eye out for.

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