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What does a Power Chain on Braces do?

Braces can be used to correct a variety of smile problems. However, sometimes braces may need some help to straighten teeth quickly and effectively. An orthodontist may use a power chain to fix gaps or resolve other problems.

What are Power Chains?

Power chains are strings made up of elastic rings connected together. They are often used to close gaps or spaces.

What does a Power Chain on Braces do?

They form a continuous band that runs across your teeth in order to achieve their goal. They can also be used to treat:

Crooked Teeth



Types of power chains

You may need one or more of the three types of power chains depending on your needs. The diameters of these power chains are different, with each type having a different center. This allows you to control which bracket the loop can attach.

Connects every tooth with a closed –

Short – Connects to every other tooth.

Connects every third tooth with a long –

What length of time will I need to wear a power chain?

The elastics create a continuous band that applies pressure to your teeth. This helps braces correct smile imperfections such as misalignment or gaps. As with all dental treatments, the length of your power chain will depend on your situation. Some patients only require their power chains for a brief time while others will need them for a longer period to achieve their smile goals. To prevent your teeth from returning to their original condition, your orthodontist might recommend that you continue to wear your power chain even after your correction is complete.

A Power Chain is a must-have accessory for anyone.

Power chains are able to be used by patients of all ages, unlike other treatments. Power chains are often used to correct misaligned or crooked teeth, or for uneven spacing. Your individual needs and recommendations from your orthodontist will determine whether or not power chains are necessary as part of your treatment plan.


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