Hometips and tricksThe RC Wire is not used to power the Nest Thermostat

The RC Wire is not used to power the Nest Thermostat

Google’s Nest Thermostat offers the best programming options.

Nest thermostats can be set up quickly.

Some errors can be difficult to fix. E73 An error indicating that the Rc wire has not been powered.

About a year ago, my Nest thermostat began to malfunction.

If the screen turns black it will automatically shut down.

I received a message from the thermostat stating that it was not producing blinking lights. I immediately searched the internet for possible solutions.

This list was created after reading many articles online.

The RC Wire cannot be used to power the Nest Thermostat. Troubleshooting

Nest Thermostat cannot connect to RCWire. Watch Video

What can you do to fix a Nest thermostat not turning off the Rc wires

The Nest thermostat cannot be connected to RC Wire.

This article will explain why your Nest thermostat might not detect Rc power.

These issues are easily fixed and can restore functionality to your Nest thermostat.

The thermostat wire

Poor connections or insecure connections are the main causes of E73 errors.

This will help you check your wiring.

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  1. To disconnect your HVAC system’s breakers, turn them off. Verify that they aren’t.
  2. Remove base and display to expose wires You can toggle between heat-only or heat-only mode by removing the base and display.
  3. To inspect the Rc wire, take it apart. You must ensure that the wire is not damaged, painted, or corroded.
  4. To verify continuity of Rc cable, a voltmeter is useful. AC units can sometimes fail during summer heat.
  5. Insert wire into Nest connector Push button down
  6. Remove any wires to inspect the wires.
  7. Turn on your power supply by resetting the breaker.
  8. Place the Nest thermostat into the base. Wait for the Nest thermostat to turn ON.

You should have an air filter to protect your Nest Thermostat

Filter blocking can also cause problems.

HVAC systems need to have enough airflow to function at their best

To check your air filter:

  1. You can hide the filter behind ceilings or grates. You will need to turn off the power supply in this case.
  2. Clean the filter.
  3. Let the cooling coils cool down before turning them back on.

It’s recommended that you replace your air filters every 90 days to prevent such problems.

Check the drain pipes/drippans in your HVAC.

Condensated heat can be blocked by clogged drain tubes and drippans. This could cause water back-up.

To prevent water overflow, your heat pump or AC will turn off. An error code E73 may be displayed by a Nest thermostat.

These steps will help you to solve the problem.

  1. Turn off the power supply to your HVAC system.
  2. Information online can be found about the location and function of the cooling coils. This could cause the system to stop working properly.
  3. The cooling coils should be located under the drip tray. Check that the drip tube isn’t blocked.
  4. Water damage can manifest as rusty water stains.

Make sure your HVAC fuse is working properly

Your AC can be made to work harder by heat. Your thermostat could stop turning on because of this.

How can you troubleshoot an issue?

  1. Turn off your HVAC system’s breakers.
  2. Turn on the HVAC fuse. For more information, refer to the owner’s manual.
  3. Take a look at the fuse.
  4. Before you replace the fuse box, attach all panels to your HVAC system.

Nest Support

These steps should resolve most HTML errors. You could also be responsible for the error by your Nest thermostat.

Contact Google Nest Customer Support

Please list any troubleshooting steps you have taken.

This allows the staff to have a better understanding and provide faster assistance.

How do you get rid E73 error

It can be overwhelming to receive an E73 error. This error will cause your Nest thermostat to become unusable.

Your Nest thermostat will not cool, so you’ll need to heat it.

Turn on AC by checking the fuse box.

Other tasks, such as checking the cooling and drip tubes, can be more difficult and should be left for experts

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The Most Commonly Asked Questions

What’s E73?

The E73 error message will be displayed on your Nest thermostat. This indicates that the Rc wire has stopped working.

To fix the problem, check your wiring and HVAC fuse.

What time does it take for the Nest thermostat to charge its battery?

The USB port can be used to charge Nest thermostats in less than an hour. The thermostat may take up to two hours to fully charge if there are no batteries.

What is the best way to check the battery in my Nest thermostat’s thermostat?

You can quickly view the thermostat by pressing on its ring. Select Settings, then Technical Information.

Next, select Power. Next, choose Power.


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